Educating Our Girls: BeadForLife (Giveaway)

The world is changing all around us, we are learning so much about this planet that we call our home every day. Just like the world the educational system is shifting as well, that is why it is imperative to support the talents of our young people, especially our girls. The Bead For Life Organization has helped many young girls and women to create a better life for themselves. To mark their footsteps in the sand, Bead For Life is sharing their Girls Education Bangle. Proceeds from the purchase of this product directly support The Girl Education Program. The Girl Education Program aims to educate and empower the next generation of Ugandan entrepreneurs.


The Girls Education Bangle:



This Girls Educational Bracelet has truly shown me how valuable have an  education is vital, along with having a chance to be more than your environment.



As a special gift of Spark, Bead for Life reminds us to think about the first time someone recognized in you a spark. The Spark Bracelet Set encourages us to continuously spread love and positivity to the ones we love.


Celebrate the spark while sparking opportunities for women a world away when you wear this bracelet. One bracelet for you and the other for someone else!


If you would like a chance to win one of my spark bracelets please do the following:

Follow @BeadforLife on Twitter

Tell me how is having an education or even pursuing  getting educated  would me to you:

You can send me your information by leaving a comment in the comments box.

Contestants must be within the United States of America


Spread love and give the opportunity of education for many young girls, by visiting: and donating  with your purchases of the Bead for Life Jewelry and so much more. Tell them Danna sent you!



We all can make a change and be more!



















11 thoughts on “Educating Our Girls: BeadForLife (Giveaway)

  1. Education is very important because it will not only teach you intellectually but also morally, as one experiences and socializes with other people. Pursuing education for me is one step to reaching goals and dreams, which will secure his or her future as long as one is determined and hardworking.

    Everyone has a right to be educated. I hope many will continue this kind of program. 🙂

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    1. Greetings,

      Congratulations! For entering and winning my giveaway. I have notified the company and all they need from you is your mailing address, in order for Pictures On Gold to send you your custom pendant. P.S. You can send me a photo for your photo dog tag and what you want engraved on the pendant. I will update you on the shippment.

      Thank you and I hope to hear from you!



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