Feel The Love For Summer: Crucian Gold

The summertime is here!!!! The joys of the summer are unfolding and the clothes are showing and the jewelry is sparkling. I have expressed that I’m from the U.S. Virgin Islands, I believe that home is where your heart is. This is why the jewelry from where you’re from always holds a special secret to your heart and mood. The jewelry company in the U.S. Virgin Islands called, Crucian Gold brings the island life to us all. Here is my day in the islands:



Spiral Earrings:


The Spiral is one of the earliest geometric shapes found in ancient artworks and symbolizes change, progression, growth and the unfolding of the earth’s energies. Spirals can be found throughout the island from the currents of the wind and water to the curve of a shell or the delicate curl of a fern frond.  This is my favorite earring set to wear now, I feel so close to nature whenever I wear this.



Four Corners Pendant:


Crucian Gold’s Four Corners Collection represents the diversity of our island of St. Croix. Our community has been influenced and shaped by people and cultures from all four corners of the world. After realizing the meaning of this pendant, I am so proud of such a beautiful jewelry company like Crucian Gold. I have not been in the Virgin Islands since 2008, and having a piece of the four corners collection helps me to remember to always love.



Discover how Crucian Gold’s original designs are inspired by the history, people, and natural environment of St. Croix. Visit: http://www.cruciangoldjewelry.com/ and enjoy unique silver and God pieces crafted from recycled and Eco-friendly sources. Tell the Danna sent you!!



Stay cool and feel the love of the Islands!







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