Gluten Free Living: Pipcorn Snacks

Calling all popcorn lovers and movie watchers! I discovered another snack to add to our collection of goodies, have you ever eaten popcorn and kernels get stuck in your teeth? If so your days of using your finger nails and toothpicks after eating popcorn are over! The popcorn from PipCorn snacks  is so YUMMY!! The flavors are so wide and diverse it’s so hard not to get excited. These Vegan and Gluten-Free snacks are worth each bite.

Here is my line up of PipCorn:


Featured Flavors:


Sea Salt



Let’s break it down!






The truffle flavor was surprisingly delicious! I have never tried truffle popcorn before and I was taken for a crazy ride. The flavor had a cheesy, salty, and barbecue-ish taste. I feel like a real Texan when I taste this flavor.




Sea Salt:


The sea salt flavor reminders of going to the movies, except without the kernels. The sea salt taste is not overpowering, this would be wonderful if paired with sweet cookies or something very sweet. This is a keeper!






The Kettle flavor is a delicious combination of a sweet and salty madness. Forget even adding any cookies or chocolate with this. The popcorn is glazed with cane sugar and brown sugar, with the savory flavor of salty goodness with each bite.


I must say if popcorn had a name it should be PipCorn. You can purchase your popcorn on: and you can see how you can purchase it in a store near you. Tell them Danna sent you!


Pip, Pip!




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