The Heart of Nature:Wildlands Artistry

Nature has many miles, trees, rivers, and creations in her. The beauty is you can dream about so many things and can go anywhere that you desire. This is how I see nature, I envision quiet rivers and still water, the fresh smell of flowers in the field. The opportunity to live in nature is the greatest blessing for me and the wear is around my neck is the even more magical. Welcome to my dream in the arms of nature.


The portrait of nature within this pendant is captivating. The reality of seeing a path in a pendant is magical, the love of nature struck me with an arrow in a forest of the fall rivers.




This stunning necklace is a one of a kind handmade pendant of one of an original

watercolor artworks.

~ Includes arrow charm
~ 25 mm Clear Glass Dome
~ 30 mm pendant
~ 24″ Chain is adjustable and includes a lobster claw clasp


The beauty of nature is a rewarding moment, but only to those who truly appreciate it. To see more of nature, eat with nature and wear nature. Visit: and experience nature anew. Tell them Danna sent you!





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