Custom Eloquence: Alissa B Custom Jewelry

The season of all things jewelry is here! The weather is no longer cold or filled with pollen, the pools are open, tank tops are out, and the jewelry wearing will be dynamic. The jewelry from Alissa B Custom Jewelry is anything, but average. My experience of happiness and beauty happened with one bracelet and the captivating glare of the sunlight. Experience the story out loud.


The Gift of Beauty




Unlocking a hidden treasure with genuine Turquoise nugget beads, and the coconut shell of divinity.




Whenever the bracelet is worn the light shines brighter than before. The body of nature encompasses the nature of the power of the healing stone.





The story does not end with the bracelet being worn or even the beauty of it, the meaning of the bracelet or any other jewelry piece is you.



Build your story and discover the hidden treasure inside by visiting:Β and make your year customized to your journey. You can also use the coupon code:Β ABVIVANT and save 15% .


You can also follow Alissa B Custom Jewelry on:




Fun Facts about Turquoise:

Turquoise: A purification stone, dispels negative energy and protects against neg influences and pollutants. Excellent for depression and exhaustion. It’s also a symbol of friendship.
Turquoise also aids in the absorption of nutrients, enhances the immune system, and overall body healing by detoxifying, and alleviates cramps and pain. Purifies lungs, and so much more!






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