Modesty & Royalty: East Essence

Fashion has many names and styles just waiting to be discovered. The patterns are different each year and the materials can become dull, but the one thing that will always remain in a season is you. Did you know that? The different trends, styles, and looks are for you to have an experience, then you have another trend after another. The world of fashion has evolved into something completely different, we’ve gone from couture to average and average to dull. Why? Shouldn’t we want to wear clothing that is dependable and also beautiful? Indeed! The Clothing from East Essence is the true meaning of fashion, they range from swimwear, business wear and beyond. Here is my trip half way around the world.


Pearls & Sequins 3 piece Magenta Salwar Kameez set







3 piece set includes scarf, pants, and kameez

Fabric- Crepe
Color- Magenta
Off white & golden resham thread embroidery on neck & cuffs
Pearls & sequence hand work on embroidery
Bishop sleeves
Embroidered cuffs with button opening
Magenta crepe scarf with lace trim
Magenta crepe relaxed fit pants
WASH CARE- Dry clean only
All items have a 5% variance in size, color, and/or embroidery.


EastEssence started out with an intent for modest, comfortable and affordable Islamic attires for the consumption by masses. Here, you’ll find an amalgamation of various cultural heritages under the umbrella of Islam through its various cuts, styles, prints and motifs. It celebrates the Islamic philosophy of dressing modestly with the principle of hijab running as an undercurrent in all its creations. Be it the Moroccan embroidery, Arabian Abayas, Turkish skirt- dresses or Indian Ikkat print, you’ll see a rendition of all these and much more in our hybrid collection. We have continuously tried to integrate the elements of faith, and current trends in fashion to make it interesting for women. So you’ll see a regular Abaya with color block motifs, patches and prints to make it aesthetically more viable which could be fashioned into your Evening-wear, Occasional-wear or an Everyday-wear respectively.


We are more important than our garments, we have a brain, emotion, and feelings. We never should judge a book by its cover because we all have a story don’t we. We are all from different countries so let’s share our talents with each other. Please share yours in the comments box:


You can see so much more of what EastEssence has to offer at:





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