Stones of Meaning: Zymbol Jewelry

In life, I’ve realized many things, revelation, epiphanies, and joys. I myself has always believed that some things that may seem as accidents have a purpose. The Zymbol company defines this statement completely, with their inspiration jewelry go bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Their story didn’t begin with a set idea, instead, it was all an accident.  The Zymbol Company  was accidentally created when company Founder Sally Short was doodling and wrote down the phrase ‘LOVE IS ALL U NEED’ stacking each letter on top of the next. She then added a peace sign to complete the design.

Sally decided to send her doodle off to be cast as a ‘Love and Peace’ pendant. But something happened when the Short family received the pendant; they randomly saw it sitting sideways and noticed a ‘K’ popping out. Since there is no ‘K’ in the phrase LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED, it motivated the family to see what other letters they could find and they ended up uncovering EVERY LETTER of the ALPHABET and EVERY NUMBER hidden within Sally’s doodle! The Short Family decided to create a line of inspirational jewelry based on the design. They named it Zymbol as it is one symbol that represents all letters, A through Z.

Here is a reflection on their Turquoise  Wrap Bracelet:


This Zymbol multi wrap bracelet makes the perfect accessory achieve an elegant look. Smooth Turquoise colored Magnesite beads are hand-woven on dark brown colored leather.

This bracelet is designed to wrap around your wrist up to 3 times, depending on wrist size. There will be 3 sizing loops for the button clasp to accommodate the length to your liking. When you receive the bracelet, you can choose the loop that fits your wrist best and extra loops can be cut off with a sharp pair of scissors.

Length using loop 1 – 21”

Length using loop 2 – 22”

Length using loop 3 – 23”



The Turquoise Bracelet is one of a kind, the detailing of the Turquoise beading is very dainty without being to planned. The meaning behind the company is the true meaning of how our purpose doesn’t always reveal itself right away. I have honestly gained a happiness and I hope you can experience love and peace today with the jewelry that you wear. Visit: and discover your Zymbol for yourself and tell them Danna sent you!


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