The Versailles of Fragrances: Jivago Brands

Perfumes are reflections of how we feel whether we feel dainty, musky, or soft. The scents that convey a message without even uttering  words, the elegance of the perfume bottle is astonishing. These are big words that I will only be used when the fragrances contain 24 Karat gold leaves. The company Ilana JIVAGO is the place where found it’s true name.

History About Jivago Brands By, Ilana JIVAGO and the Company:


About Jivago Brands is a vertically structured company – it is responsible for product design, component development, manufacturing, assembly, product marketing, sales, and distribution.


Jivago Brands has corporate and product design offices and its domestic distribution center in Beverly Hills California. Manufacturing and International distribution use to be up until the end of 2007 in France. In December of 2007 have moved the Manufacturing operation to L.A California.

Ilana V. Jivago, the President and Founder of JIVAGO Brand provides an empowering and exciting view into the future potential of the company and the overall mission of the organization.

Ilana Jivago believes in designing products that enhance personal relationships and make this a better world for everyone. All JIVAGO products are trademarked, and the designs are patented. They  are the only way to purchase authentic Jivago and anywhere other than our website is not authentic. 

If you are a perfume lover just like me, this is the ultimate perfume experience.


The Gold Collection for Men & Women:



Don’t wait until Father’s Day to give that special man in your life a piece of heaven and luxury. Visit: make your world solid Gold with one spray. They also have so many other amazing gift ideas other than perfume too. The moment I saw their perfume bottle I felt Royal and that I can do anything. What about you? If you haven’t begun your journey, then it’s time that you do.

Tell them Danna summoned you!







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