Become an Olympian: CARIBBEAN APPAREL ™

The free world is made of different nationalities and different languages. What brings us all together is our imprint on history. Either, if it’s in the communities that we live in or in the lives of people who have a goal, and wish to succeed; they will accomplish it. In the wake of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the Caribbean Apparel company is bringing together different nations who are representing your countries in the Olympic Games. Islands such as Jamaica, Dominican Republic, South Africa and much more. The CARIBBEAN APPAREL ™ offers more than just T-shirts, their company has an array of clothing that includes jackets with your countries’ flag, bracelets, Caribbean-themed Clothing and accessories, embroidery and graphic designs to allow you to customize your own apparel.

What country defines you? My lineage consists of West Indian descent: U.S. Virgin Islands, Dominican, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican and Antiguan.

Here my journey begins, I am wearing the Antiguan flag to Rio:





Details about the material :

This premium fleece jacket is made of a 60/40 Cotton/Poly, fleece interior lining; a high quality embroidered Antiguan flag on the front with applique lettering on the back. Yellow/Red stripes running down each arm. Red/Yellow – collar/wrists/bottoms. The flag shines very brightly in the sun, which highlights the red and yellow stripes on the sleeves too.

Plus, Caribbean Apparel ™ also does custom apparel, screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, and manufacturing, including caps for others not just Caribbean themed.

I like to say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step. What do you say?


You too can make history,it just begins by saying who you are. Create your Olympic moment at and I’ll see you in Rio.

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