Book Club Favorites: Inspiration Storytelling Week


The topic for this book is about faith and holding onto it no matter what live brings your way. The book is called Take Hold of the Faith you Long for, by Sharon Jaynes. This book talks about faith and how we should hold on to it for as long as we can because that’s what keeps us going each and every day. But who are we having faith in ourselves or God? This is the answer to this book left me with, in life when you work hard and do all that you can to survive you forget about your face and what you believe this can be detrimental and leave us feeling so empty inside that’s what this book also taught me that is one thing to have faith in ourselves and believing in us, but believing it ourselves should be believing in God because I believe in God is believing in herself because God is within us and he created us and believing in God and knowing who he is we will know who we are and we will know what the true meaning of believe in yourself is when you believe in yourself you know who you are you know who God is and you know that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength I know that sometimes in life are free and we shaking when things in Devastation happens all around us but just remember that God is with us and he did not make this so we did we made all of the situations in our lives happen but the true Testament is it we lived that’s God’s doing he made it so that we lived so let’s remember that for each day that we wake up that’s not right there that’s his greatest gift is life and I hope that by reading this book that you also can experience that same feeling of gratitude or newness and that your faith will never be shaken and they are honest Solid Ground that’s what I wish to you by reading this book.




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