Book Club Favorites: Inspiration Storytelling Week


This book is about resolution and how to properly resolve situations and issues that we deal with personally to become better people in the next steps, that we take. Weather for resolving issues with our parent’s children relatives spouses sometimes boyfriends and resolve issues with ourselves this could be the beginning of unraveling all the other issues that we have. The book called Resolved, Lina Abujamra helping us to resolve and distress ourselves from the issues of life. The book reminds us that what we practice turns out to be what we believe in ourselves and what we believe. The antidote for stress relief is being honest with what’s happening to you, I’m just saying if you’re tired of being with someone who you don’t love or you’re unhappy with your job to be honest because honesty is the best way to grow and to move on. This book has taught me and if you are a student a grandmother mother whatever your title is, you can be a better person for you and for your family. So take some time to relax and take a breath and reading this book also helps with everything I hope that my review has helped to you and I’m grateful that it has also helped me as well and living a stress-free life by just being honest with how I feel in a healthy and peaceful way.




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