Book Club Favorites: Inspiration Storytelling Week

When you’re a parent the one thing that never gets old is good old parenting advice whether if it’s through your mom your best friend or even from books. You can always learn something new from some of the different teaching Outlets weather for the word of mouth or from the pages of books you can learn something new. The book 5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Their Kids & Sex, by Anne Marie Miller. This book is the golden chalice of all things to know about topics about your kids weather if it’s how to talk to them how to relate to them knowing that they’re going through different times than you experienced and I to talk about when you’re crossing the bridge A.K.A when you’re intimate with another person. This book is every parent’s Christmas wish birthday wish New Year’s Eve with an eternity with because as children get older their minds change they experienced a lot of things that some parents may feel like what do I do now so that’s what I love about this book it and they broke it down in steps that didn’t leave you puzzled and it didn’t use the exercises on I’ve recommended this book and I’m seeing results in how parents parent their kids by giving their parents more confidence in knowing that they know what they’re doing and then they can maneuver they can help their children better but most importantly having a good prayer life and helping your children is the best option because books can teach you so many things but having a good prayer life and being open-minded to other information can also help you with questions that you may want to ask her parents to this book will make a great mom group discussion a great book to read while your children are sleeping just a way for you to distress Yourself by also educating yourself on what happens to Children especially when they reach the age when they talk about S.E.X. this is the topic that most parents should read but with the right information the confidence and just the raw honesty of what life is to not only help your children but can also prepare them instead of keeping them from the what the real world is about because I found out when your honest with children he opened their eyes to what the real world is and also can help them to be better people in the world as well so apparent I pray that by reading this book you gave me confidence and can use the teachings from this book to not only help your children but can also help other parents too.

Good and best wishes to you!




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