Book Club Favorites: Inspiration Storytelling Week


This inspirational book that I’m about to describe to you is so special for any one person or the matter what age you are to read considering that how the world is changing and evolving so does our faith and our thoughts and how we feel about ourselves. The book is called Worth Living, by Mary DeMuth. God’s creations are valuable and priceless to him and he values who we are as people so it’s important that we value who he is as our God. Respecting that he loved us so much that he created us, for he is an unselfish God that he created people to enjoy it and for us to enjoy his company and this book reminded me of that and I feel so uplifted and knowing that whatever that I do of purpose in the world that I feel confident. I stand on a solid ground that can not be shaken by whatever happens in the world or in my personal life and this book helped me so much that words cannot even explain and I hope that by you reading this book it will give you inspiration in your life whether you are young and old.





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