Book Club Favorites: Novel Storytelling Week


I hope you guys are enjoying this amazing book club Edition? If so let’s continue on, with another book that symbolizes summer and romance. This book is called All Summer Long, by Melody Carlson. This book just takes you on an adventure, let them plot twisting Saga of coming home to a New Life and going through situations behind closed doors. The book tells story of a young woman who travels on a journey of discovering life just like we all do I love that the story paint you a picture of the surrounding places the Bay Area the Golden Gate Bridge what the elements in the characters look like and I love in the story really made you feel like you can travel anywhere in the world that you wanted to honestly felt inspired to be a traveler know but I wasn’t. The story really made me fall in love with fiction novels and returning home novels in discovering some secrets that you knew was there but you just didn’t pay attention to this book really made me more interested in books that really makes your mouth drop to the floor in that’s always a good thing especially when you’re reading a book.





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