Farmer Fresh: Produce Candles

Summer might be over but it doesn’t have to finish on a low note!! Instead, let’s finish it on a high note by your missing our surroundings in pure nature produce and flowers. The candles from produce candles are like eating fresh fruits and vegetables except it’s a candle, the variety of fresh radishes, kale, and peach in a candle is something that you would never think to ever be made. When I first saw the candles I was shocked to know that fruits and vegetables can be infused in a soy candle, this left me speechless and my prayers have been answered the Produce Candle Company has sent me one of their candles. The candle that they sent me is a radiant Peach Candle, bringing to my Oasis a fresh Twist on a hot Summer’s Day. I don’t want to keep you waiting for long so let’s get started!

Here are photos of my peach candle:

IMG_20160711_1839096 (1)IMG_20160711_1848292IMG_20160711_1840545


Here’s my video of me lighting up the candle and basically describing my whole emotions:

I’m having an infusion of fresh fruit mixed in with a little soy and a little touch of Fire as I wait for it to melt.  You too can make your own home and Oasis and P.S . the candles are only $20 all of them. What are you waiting for this is their site and experience the same speechlessness that I did!






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