Book Club Favorites: Inspiration Storytelling Week


This daily devotional is based on the Book of Ruth, by Nicki Koziarz .

For some of you who know the Book of Ruth and for some of you who are unfamiliar with it, The Book of Life is based off a young woman who gave up everything just to follow her mother-in-law even when the death of her husband brought her great sadness she chose to stay where she felt peace and Solace and God’s connection. Even when we sometimes in life you that this the past so we take are hard extremely hard and gives a very hard life we sometimes forget that those who diligently desire to serve God are not going to have an easy life or a path but God’s blessings will give us the courage to finish our journey. This devotional also has video sessions where you can go on the LifeWay site too Log onto video Bible studies as well as documenting your own personal Bible study that you may have with your family. The book also touches on a very important key point is that we often in situations that we face in our life about how quitting main give us a moment of rest but the feeling of giving up give this torment so my diligently taking one day at a time and working bit by bit and finishing the task you feel complete and now that you’ve done your job so that’s what I love that this book also reminded me that even if I’m writing an article on shooting a video that diligently doing it bit by bit and putting my all into it will not only help my viewers and my visitors that sees them but also the companies and that willingly allow me to view their product so they also learned that and I will apply that to my life going forward. This book also touches on how as women that we need to be Fearless we need to be determined we need to eat because wisdom and we need to be willing to go the extra mile and to help others even though we may not always feel happy at times but bring joy to someone else’s life returns and restores joy to us so this book definitely reminds me that each and every day that I decide to do something for another person that also is going to see you and passing on that torch so that same person can do something kind for another one so that’s what I want each and every one of you to get from this book is that this book remind us that whatever we do good or bad has consequences and results it’s like ripples in a river you make one step and then the steps and grow and grow so whatever Good Deeds that you do it grows and grows and passes on and brings joy to others lives. I hope that you guys are enjoying my book club favorites and please stay tuned to many more books I can’t wait to share with you.





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