Book Club Favorites: Novel Storytelling Week



This book is called Delilah, by, Angela Hunt. This book talks about one of the most famous bible stories, the story of Delilah and how she deceived God’s Warrior Samson. Delilah deceive Samson by seducing him with her love her genuine love but yet her thirst for money over talk everything that she truly believed, this book is very compelling and keeps your attention I honestly feel that I’m in the ancient times and I’m seeing everything and I’m right there and that experience and that’s something that I seldom feel with certain books and for me to feel about with this one it’s unbelievable. Some of you may have heard of the story and Delilah and know who she was and what she did but what we can all learn about this is that even though we may not be physically cutting off somebody’s hair or doing something horrible to somebody we all can portray one another in other ways either if it’s talking bad about someone behind their back or holding resentment against someone and causing them harm and return or leaving someone in the dark by themselves knowing that you can help them we all can portray someone in this in these types of ways so I hope by this book we take something from it because that’s the whole purpose of God’s book the holy book is to take lessons from each book and to learn how we should live how we should act and how we should be as God’s people so that’s what I got from this book and I can’t wait to cover many more bugs and I hope that you can also discover this book as well and to read it and to be inspired by it too and I thank you for coming on this journey with me.




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