Book Club Favorites: Novel Storytelling Week



The Crimson Cord, By Jill Eileen Smith.

This book tells the story of a woman named Rahab and her adversity even in the midst of her life being taken away each moment she’s with strange men just to pay off a debt. The story conveys such sadness and happiness in the midst of everything, including reminding us that no matter what our circumstance is when the opportunities reveal itself to do what is right and what is honorable we must do it. Rahab who then was a prostitute who helped Joshua spies the servant of the God, to escape the city of Jericho unharmed and returned they promised to spare her life for her generosity. Little did Rahab know that was the beginning of a clean slate for her life of all the turmoil she endured was coming to an end and a new life would unravel itself, even though in the midst of all God never forgot her and He renewed Rahab. Stories are intertwined even though our experiences are extremely different God finds a very funny way of connecting us in some special way and we can learn from these stories of the Bible and how they can help us, by Inspiring us to be better people. I hope that this book I described can also help you in your life.




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