Book Club Favorites: Novel Storytelling Week


In life, we all have a story that inspires us to be better people. The story of Hadassah who took on the name as Esther to protect her people. This story is one of my most favorites, because of the fearlessness that Easter had to stand for the truth of her origin. This is true in today’s society, you will have to stand for who you really are without being ashamed. This is a mark of a true disciple of God, for this is what a witness proclaims to be, a servant of the most high God. I say of this to say, no matter which situation you’re in, never be ashamed or afraid to state what you truly are. You are identified by your faith and verbal state of who you are. Each and every day we have the opportunity to brave! This what the story of Esther teaches, beyond the love story or added elements.
I hope you will treasure this book as I do.



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