Accessory of Nature: Fierce Deer

Nature a word so simple yet still carries a lot of weight. The elements of nature remind us that we are unique, different and somehow the same. We are the same because we share the same air, we have dreams of a world where nature can be our greatest teacher. So let’s celebrate nature in every aspect of our lives, preferably through jewelry.Thanks to our friends at Fierce Deer, they bring to life the creatures of nature and friendship. Their jewelry tells a story in the most beautiful way possible.


Here is a glimpse of their handy work: Light the Fire Necklace


Super unique and fierce, this necklace is a perfect statement piece. Composed of citrine quartz, hematite, and vintage brass, it has depth,dimension, and flavor. It comes beautifully wrapped, ready for gifting!

The entire pendant measures approx. 2 inches and are suspended on a 18 inch chain. If you prefer a different length just let us know!

All FD jewelry is lead and nickel free. Many of our pieces are made from vintage and antique components found at auctions, garage sales, second-hand stores, grandma’s attics, and other unique places in the world!

If you would like to customize this piece in some way they would LOVE to accommodate you! Longer? Shorter? Different material? Add another charm? Add a stone? Add some sparkle?

I hope you enjoyed our adventure into the woods? The fun doesn’t stop here! Visiting FierceDeer-shop to unlock a hidden secret that is waiting for you to discover.





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