Organic Explosion:Katie Chin’s Everyday Chinese Cookbook

Měiwèi de in Chinese means delicious. This is only simple words to verbally describe this amazing cookbook. Everyday Chinese Cooking Cookbook, by Katie Chin, is an incredible cookbook with healthy takes on our favorite Chinese dishes and the best part we know what’s being places in the dish.


Recipes like the General Tso’s Chicken, Tea-Smoked Sea Bass, Five Spice Chocolate Cake, just to name a few. The recipes are so simple and easy to make using fresh ingredients and the greatest secret love. Katie Chin honored her origin through this book and for this very excited vegan who loves salads and soups, thank goodness Katie these recipes in her book. I tried her spring roll recipe that literally almost made me cried, I’m serious it is this good.

For some of you who aren’t familiar with Katie Chin, here is her story:

Katie Chin was born and raised in Minneapolis by her award-winning restaurateur mother, Leeann Chin. She is the co-author of Everyday Chinese Cooking (Clarkson Potter, 2000) and author of 300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes and Everyday Thai Cooking. She was co-host with her mother, Leeann, of the 2003 national PBS cooking series Double Happiness. Katie has made numerous appearances on The Today Show and has appeared in specials on The Food Network and Fine Living. She has been featured in Glamour, Family Circle, Cooking Light, Bon Appetit, Self Magazine, Angeleno Magazine, Hampton Magazine, Elle Magazine, Daily Candy, Daily Variety, Real Simple and The Los Angeles Times. Katie has served as a guest judge on Food Network’s Iron Chef America and appeared on Cooking Channel’s Food(ography)program in 2013. When not testing out her new recipes on family and friends, she divides her time as a private chef and culinary consultant. Katie has been called the “Asian Rachel Ray” by many of her fans because of her sparkling personality and approachable style.

I am so happy to have this incredible gift to carry with me all through each season. You can experience organic living with this book published by Tuttle Publishing .





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