Welcome to The Mother Youth Academy!!!

The Mother Youth Academy was created not to encourage teen pregnancy, but to simply support and encouraging our Teen Parents now. With the hopes of breaking this vicious stigma about Teen Parents. Being a young mother is not every girl’s dream. We never expect or hope for this to happen, but it did. This why we have officially launched the student portal for The Mother Youth Academy today! In the student portal, you will find the first program titled The Community Teen Childbirth Class. This course exemplifies the whole process of pregnancy and postpartum all in the comforts of your own home. The Mother Youth Academy will soon be filled with many helpful classes for your everyday need when you first step into the land of parenthood.

In this video, you will hear more about the course from me Danna Davis your Childbirth Educator.

Enroll Today! http://davisdanna.wixsite.com/motheryouthacademy/courses and become part of a community of leaners like yourself. I am a young teen, so this is my way of giving back to my community. If you know a young mom or parents, let them know about this community class. Also join the student group for my Facebook lives and gifts that comes with the program: https://www.facebook.com/groups/302845843430159/

The Judgement stops here! We need to share our experiences to encourage, instead of starting a fire of judgment. You will never know someone’s story unless you ask them.







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