Bloggers Needed!


Greetings Seasonal & New Comer Bloggers!


My name is Danna Davis and I’m a marketing consultant from . Some of you may already be familiar with my blogging, or your just coming onto the Journey. Besides being a dedicated blogger for over 3 years, I am also a childbirth educator for young mothers in my age group, using a virtual model simply out of convenience for my moms.


Fast forwarding, over the years of being a blogger, I was able to tell many stories, some of them were about the lives of others and the rest is just writing about the things I love. I like to think that  blogs are doorways to releasing ourselves from stress, fear, and allowing us to be creative. Little do we know that the same emotions that drive us to write coincide with the motives of our reader’s too.
I love what I do and I believe that you love what you do as well! That is why you are needed, I want to promote your blog, merchandise, and much more. The following categories allowed: Health, Food, Motherhood, Lifestyle, Inspirational, DIY, Fashion, Gardening, and Decor. You can have all of this exposure for the extremely affordable price of $12 USD a Month.


They are so many things to be discovered, I will also allow you to be a guest blogger on my site so all of the big brands that I have worked with can see your content. You will also have the opportunity to be invited to events and review products. Visit my site to see all of the brands I have worked with.
What are you waiting for? Reply and Sign Up!

You can submit your writing samples by emailing me at: , or through the contact page.





2 thoughts on “Bloggers Needed!

  1. Hi Dana!
    I see we have many things in common! The love of writing, expressing, learning, sharing, and BeadforLife! I have been a Community Partner Volunteer for this organization for the past 7 years, including a stay in Uganda last summer working as a communications correspondent. Happy to be connected!

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    1. Greetings,

      Thank you so much for you’re warm comment! I would love to see more of you’re articles and if you would like to guest write you are more than welcome. Please let me know in the contacts on the menu. If you have a cause or campaign I would love to support you.



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