A Bath Fit For A Queen: Red Wine Bath

This recipe for a red wine bath comes to us courtesy of the Grove Park Inn & Spa in Asheville, North Carolina.   The Spa at The Grove Park Inn has been  ranked as one of the top 5 hotel spas in the country by Travel+Leisure.  They created this simple treatment which is easily made at home.

The red wine and the honey together clarify and moisten skin in this lovely bath soak.  Your pores, opened by the warm and steamy bath environment, absorb the wine’s the antioxidants and complex amino acids.  The honey is a natural humectant that promotes moisture retention.   The wine will not stain your tub or your skin, nor will it intoxicate you as the ratio is quite low and not introduced directly into your digestive system or bloodstream.

Finally, normally, we advise our readers to use the best ingredients possible when making home spa treatments, but not in this case, says the spa at Grove Park.   Not many people have “4 cups of left over high quality wine.”  The spa says to reach the cheapest wine possible — the Spa used Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s.

Red Wine Honey Bath Soak for Dry Skin
Moisturizing Bath Soak
Courtesy of: Grove Park Inn & Spa, Asheville, N.C.
Recipes: Bath
  • 4 cups of red wine
  • 1 cup of honey
  1. Pour red wine and honey into warm water while filling the bath.
  2. Soak for at least 20 minutes.
  3. Rinse, and pat dry.
This treatment does not stain your skin.
This is something new for you to try this weekend.

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