Wednesday Night Recap: Empire

This past Wednesday was lite! The Mid- Season Finale was so electrifying and so mouth dropping that I honestly was left speechless. There were so many twists and turns that it was very hard to know who was the enemy. Sadly the enemy is closer to home, Lucious  and Cookies Lyons eldest son Andre is not only talking to ghosts, but he wants to take Empire and playing dirty to make sure that everything goes as planned. Not only is he working with some of Luciou’s closest friends, Andre’s dead deceased wife Rhonda always appears to him as a ghost. If you did not catch the last season, Anika Gibbons the biggest enemy of them all mad Rhonda fly over the moon. P.S. Rhonda wants Andre to kill Anika! WOW.

Let’s just say Rhoda tried to ambush her for killing there unborn baby, because Anika pushed Rhonda down a flight of stairs and this did not sit well with Andre’s wife. Which in turn caused her death. So that’s the real back, despite the treachery Jamal is in a deeper hole! He is addicted to pills in order to cope with his PTSD, this disorder is making him a nervous  wreck. In the Mid-Finale the whole family fought to get Jamal some help, but it was Lucious who had to finally become a father and safe his child. This twisted story is so complex that I do not know what to do with myself, but I am coming along for the ride.


Here is the Promo for the new March episode:

Empire returns in March on the 22, 2017.

Be there our be square!




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