Wednesday Night Recap: STAR

After Empire a new Star broke loose! The same creator of Empire Lee Daniels brought us another masterpiece. This new diamond in the rough is called “Star”. From the beginning of the episode,  my heart was so broken to see how young women are taken advantage of because they have no family. This story is  real and it actually happens to many girls and boys in the foster care system.  They are abused and treated like trash. Move on, despite the fact that life is not always easy, Star played by  (Jude Demorest) decides to leave her terrible foster home to find her sister, but on her search she discovers that her now grown sister played by (Brittany O’Grady) is being sexually abuse by her foster dad. Don’t want to give everything away now!

Along the way the girls hooked up with a rich heiress to her musical fathers fortune played by (Ryan Destiny) . I don’t want to tell you what happened next, but you will see everything come January 4th. This script is once again complex and so heart warming at the sometime. I can see why Mr. Daniels picked these girls for the main roles. All of these girls posses a gentle vulnerability which plays out in the story and in turn exposes the real scarifies of the music industry.



Here is the official trailer of the full season of STAR:



Watch the series premiere of STAR January 4 on FOX.







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