Winter is Flawless Series: The Secret Weapon for Skin Problems

The winter weather is here! For most of us, this drastic change in weather leaves our skin extremely dry.  In my last article, I talked about different tips that you can use to combat the cool climate, but I forgot to mention one more beauty secret. This secret of called “Thyme Out”. This organic product is made using natural ingredients that you can even pronounce, which is always a plus in my book. The magic thyme liquid is a multipurpose skincare solution, while having a non chemical smell.

My first experience with Thyme Out was about two or three months ago, I received the pocket size bottle as a gift. After trying the product for three days, I noticed a change in my skin, all of my huge zits and blackheads were disappearing right before my eyes. Every time I saw a growing pimple,  immediately I pulled out a cotton ball, applied the Thyme Out and  placed it on the pimple. Within hours my bumps went down.  I’m saying hours because I wasn’t keeping track of the time. Honestly, my first experience boosted my confidence to only wear makeup for fashion reasons, instead of trying to hide my blemishes.


Here are some tips for using Thyme Out:





Use it like a toner on clean skin to treat problem areas like the classic T-zone of forehead to chin. Simply saturate a cotton pad with Thyme Out and immediately apply it gently to skin, allowing Thyme Out to sink deep into your pores. Since it doesn’t dry like other acne products you can easily use it multiple times daily as an anti-bacterial preventive measure.

Targeted Treatment

When a pimple can be felt under the skin, even before it appears visibly, start repeated applications of Thyme Out to that area. Thyme Out can stop the inflammation under the skin and kill the acne bacteria and prevent a visible breakout. If you act too late and a pimple does appear, simply apply Thyme Out repeatedly to that area and watch the pimple shrink and disappear much quicker than with other treatments and with NO irritation, redness, or drying!

There simply is NO OTHER treatment, pharmaceutical or natural, that offers this combination of acne treatment and skin soothing as Thyme Out.

*They recommend a high quality Salicylic acid face cleanser
daily as part of your regimen

Thyme out is not only used for acne, but for other skin problems. Such as Psoriasis, Rosacea, Eczema, Dermatits, Skin Fungus.

Thyme Out is a powerful anti-fungul, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial that fights the source of the issue. Additionally, Thyme Out is a heralded anti-inflammatory topically so it soothes and heals the actual symptoms as well.

Apply to affected skin areas repeatedly to reduce inflammation and stop the source problem.

Saturate a cotton pad or use the Thyme To-Go applicator to apply and moisten the skin area well. Allow to air dry.

Since Thyme Out is so mild and actually soothes the skin, you can apply it many times a day to first get your symptoms under control.

Then, use it as a preventative on an occasional basis 2-3 times weekly to prevent future breakouts.


I am so glad I heard that you can apply more than once, because I definitely used is more than prescribed.  My face looks amazing anyway!


My Tutorial Video:



Here are some images of my current face after using Thyme Out  and how my acne bump disappeared within the same day.



No pimple on this face, right? Only a couple of blackheads in the process of drying up. If you are watching the video, you can see how my face looked before and the growing pimple on my cheek.



The pimple dried up and became flat on my left cheek. Currently my face is improving every minute, it’s so fascinating to observe the process.



My chest acne is now clear because if your like me, when your eating healthy foods sometimes detoxifying bumps appear and it’s terrible. The bumps were just bulging out so makeup became my go-to thing. Not anymore!! Thanks to Thyme Out I can  now rock a tank top  this summer.



Here are more photos of others users of Thyme Out. Since my skin is improving, I gave some samples to my close friends to try it out, because they suffered from Eczema creating dry itchy patches due to the winter weather. Let’s just say the results are amazing!



Dry eczema patches use to be here.



My friends skin was so dry and itchy that we had to use cornstarch. Ever since we used Thyme Out the pathces have cleared up.



There was a long sheet of red bumps and sometimes liquid use to come out. Thyme Out eased the irritation and healed the open wounds.


The magical ingredients:
A thyme mixture made from organic thyme, purified water, organic grain alcohol, and organic aloe vera.



I hope you found this article helpful? If you’ve tried Thyme Out please let me know.  After you purchase winter clothes, make sure to get Thyme Out to protect the skin under your warm garments.


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