Nail Art Tips : LACLEUR Nail Polish

The new year is kicking off to a great start! First we talked about beauty and skincare and now let’s discuss fashion for the nails. Our nail color of the week is royal red from the nail company Lacleur. This vegan and cruelty-free nail color company is based in Germany. I was recently searching on the internet for new nail colors and a fellow blogger from instagram told me about Lacleur. I just had to find this company and bring them over to Health, Food and Gossip to you. The color that I am trying on is the “OhLaLux” red color shade. In the old Hollywood days, a red dress and a red lip was known for being a classic look. So finally trying out the shade for the first time, made me feel so regal  each time that use my fingers to either type or in creating new dishes to eat.


Here are some photos of my nail art time:




Here is my video review for the nail polish:


This is a vegan nail Polish all the way from Germany.
Visit: and find this deep red shade, along with many more bright nail colors . Tell me how you like it! Summer is coming and do not wait until the season of colors to bloom.






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