The Shea Life: African Black Soap & Shea Butter

This is my first post in the New Year!!!! I really missed all of you and I am very excited to be back. During my break, I was able to take some time to reflect on 2016. Now that were in  the new year, filled with new ideas and dreams that we hope will come true. It is time we start living out the goals that we make for ourselves. Some of the goals maybe our health or even fulfilling the dreams of pursuing a specific career path.

Who knows what this year will hold, but I know that my goal for this year is to be even more spiritually and physically healthy. So the perfect way to open our blogging year is to talk about beauty and health. Yes, we are doing another product review and the products featured is from Natures Shea Butter. This all natural company specializes in making Body Oils, Soaps, Shea Butter and much more. Here is my visit to their apothecary shop:


Products Featured:

African Black Soap- Bar Soap
East African Lavender Shea Butter
Lavender Vanilla Shea Butter
Coco Shea Butter
East African Tangerine Lime Shea Butter
Lavender Shea Butter




Let’s get started with the review, but first here is my overview of all of the products:


The African Black Soap deserves the number one spot. This soap has amazing lather and you only need a tiny piece to cover every area code. Honestly, if you’ve been using a lot of facial and body products like me, you’re probably at your wit’s end.  I like to think that at some point, finding a product that we can use for  all-purposes will not be a long journey of wandering. Thankfully, the Natures Shea Butter product line is my one stop shop in purchasing facial and body products that agrees with my skin.

However, if you have sensitive skin, I would recommend that you  test out the Black Soap to make sure that your skin agrees with it. I believe that sampling products is the best way to understand what works for you. Natures Shea Butter offers samples to help you make the best product selections too.


The East African Lavender scented Shea Butter is made with raw shea butter and lavender essential oils. In the video you will see the actual size of the container and I must say even though the size is small, you only need a dime size. Now let’s get to the scent of the butter. The lavender shea butter has a very subtle smell, not too offensive. The texture is smooth and covers the entire area once applied. I recommend this scent for the everyday wear, because  in the winter the skin suffers from the environment.


The Lavender and Vanilla is my  favorite scent period!! As described in my video, this sweet scent reminds me of a fragrant soap that I used in the pass. The essences of Lavender is so relaxing and the organic extract of the Vanilla brought a dessert smell to the shea butter. I would love to have a soap, shampoo, and conditioner with this scent. That is how much I love this fragrant.


I like to call the CoCo Shea Butter the dessert butter. The scent of this shea butter is so warm an inviting that it resembles of an organic dark chocolate bar. Honestly, I love, love, love this amazing fragrant. The texture is smooth when applied to the skin and the oils absorbs quickly . Even the skin hungers for moisture, so applying a complete moisturizer that also happens to smell great is magical.


This is my good morning facial and body moisturizer. The East African Tangerine Lime Shea Butter is the miracle to a sleepless moment. If you’ve been following my blog, I annually talk about drinking coffee. Coffee is the sunlight to my moon and being  an online student the morning has it’s challenges, but not anymore. The scent of the shea butter is citrus with a hint lime. This is my first time using a citrus shea butter and I love it. The aroma of the citrus is awakening and I recommend this for students, healthcare providers, and definitely moms.


This is the goodnight shea butter and the cure for insomnia. This butter is different from the East African Lavender shea butter. The Lavender Shea Butter is made with extra lavender essential oils, which gives relaxation the mind and moisturizes to perfection. There is not much to say about all of the shea butters, instead let me show you my visit to the Natures Shea Butter apothecary shop in the video below.

Here is my video featured about all of the products:

You can purchase all of these products at Using the promo code (Natures for 20% off on your first order. The Code expires February 1st.

Do not let this time end and I’ll see you soon.





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