Sunday Night’s New Television Watch List

Sunday nights has a new hit show and the show is called Victoria. This well put together mini-series depicts the life of one of the longest reigning British Queens. The first series talks about the first few years of the reign of Queen Victoria, played by Jenna Coleman, from her accession to the throne at the age of eighteen, to her intense friendship and infatuation with Lord Melbourne, to her courtship and early marriage to Prince Albert (played by Tom Hughes) and finally to the birth of their first child, Victoria.

The second series will follow Victoria’s struggles on managing her role as Queen with that of her duties to her husband and children. I first saw one of the series episodes last Sunday and I hope that you will as join me on the royal journey.

Here is an official show trailer:


Here is the full schedule for showtime:


Victoria Season 1, Episode 3
Sunday, Jan. 29, 9/8c (60 minutes; TV-PG)
One of Victoria’s suitors pays a surprise visit, igniting the queen’s fiery temper and earning her disdain.

Victoria, Season 1, Episode 4
Sunday, Feb. 5, 9/8c  (60 minutes; TV-PG)
Victoria’s courtship leads to second thoughts and political perils.

Victoria, Season 1, Episode 5
Sunday, Feb. 12, 9/8c (60 minutes; TV-PG)
Albert struggles to find his purpose far from home. Victoria finds a way to have it all.

Victoria, Season 1, Episode 6
Sunday, Feb. 19, 9/8c (60 minutes; TV-PG)
Victoria faces a frightening choice. Will she and Albert find a way to triumph over her enemies?

Victoria, Season 1, Episode 7
Sunday, March 5, 9/8c (60 minutes; TV-PG)
On the verge of the big day, Victoria spurns advice and wanders outside of the palace walls, attracting the devoted and demented alike. [Note: This episode is the Season 1 finale.]


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I Knight you as my champion in this saga.






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