Valentines Day Series : Desert Oasis Skincare Pack


Welcome to the Valentines Day Series!!! This is your destination to find about all things jojoba, especially since the weather in very unstable and which can cause the skin to break out. I do not know the nature of  your weather conditions, but speaking for myself. I found that my skin, hair, and lips becomes extremely dry in the winter. This is no exaggeration, honestly I have to use shea butter , coconut oil, and petroleum jelly just to keep my skin looking beautiful. So, let’s just say this sample pack from Desert Oasis Skincare came at the perfect time. I find that my skin works better with a skincare system. Does your skin thrive with a skincare system or can it remain healthy with just a moisturizing product? Well,  I have the perfect product for you! I have done many reviews before, but I have never tried products that is made strictly out of Jojoba oil.


The company called Desert Oasis Skincare prides themselves in creating healthy products that is convenient, natural and  gentle for the skin. Before I dive into the review, here is a little story about the true flowers  behind Desert Oasis Skincare.


The Randr Sustainable Farms and  are a family owned and run business that produces and sells Jams (The Juniper Jammery), Cosmetics (Desert Oasis Skincare) and Honey Wines (Meads) (The Hoochery) from the fruits and oils we grow on our farms in Southern California and Arizona. If we run short of any of our crops, we source from other farms local to us. The common thread of our products is the flavors from using the same fruits and oils. They like to  think of it as “eat it, drink it, wear it”

Their products are all natural and we do not add preservatives, artificial colors, essential oils, or fragrances.

In their skincare products, they keep their  scents mild so they are not overpowering. They do this by infusing the oils with the actual fruit or blossoms. The soaps are low lather using our fruits and oils. Desert Oasis don’t add any agents to make the soaps suds more, give it color, or to change their natural smells.

Their Jams are made from  fresh fruit, a little raw honey, and a citrus based pectin. The Meads are made with the same raw honey and fresh fruits that we use in the jams.



Now that you know more about this incredible company, let’s start our review and ingredient overview.


The Orange Sample Pack:


This sample box contains a small bar soap, lip balm, scrub, hand salvelet and natural jojoba oil.


Here is a descriptions of all of the sample products:



  1. 16244185_1700584366868844_514022375_nHere is a sample packet of organic jojoba oil. This is a little sample that was given to me as a gift to test out the oil. Mind you this is not my first time using jojoba oil. I have used this oil in the passed, especially on my hair and skin. Since my hair is natural, it becomes dry very fast. So let’s just say, I will be keeping this packet in my purse for emergency hair touch ups. Moving on!



Orange Jojoba Soap Sample Bar

16216395_1700584013535546_982961161_nThis little bar shop is very underestimated! This soap really lathers and the scent is very light, so if you prefer to only use a non-fragrant soap then you will love this soap.  As you will see in the video, the soap has a very light orange zest scent which I love and  is made with Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Beeswax, and real Orange zest. In the video, I will give you a visual of my experience with the whole box. On to the next one!

3.Orange Jojoba Lip Balm




The orange lip balm is VERY moisturizing and has a lovely citrus scent. All you need is one swipe across the lips  and you will feel a moist covering. Surprisingly the lip balm has ingredients that can be pronounced and the smell is not offensive. So if your preference is to just have a moisturizing  lip balm, instead of a lip balm with a sweet taste then this is just for you. The lip balm is made with Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, and real Orange zest. Enjoy!!!







4.Salt Scrub


Now for the main entertainment!!!! The Jojoba Salt Scrub is the best thing next to the McDonald’s  secret sauce.  The salt scrub is not loaded with too much jojoba oil, so I was able to get a good bit of salt to scrub my acne away! P.S. The scrub worked like magic. I find that using scrubs takes away acne, by exfoliating deep into the pores and washes the dead the skin down the drain. The Salt Scrub is made with Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, and Pacific Sea Salt.  I just love this miracle in a jar.

5.Hand Salvelet


I call this a spa in a small jar. The hand pomade is very moisturizing. I know you’re probably saying, really Danna? Everything can’t be this moisturizing and perfect, but it is. The scent of the pomade resembles fresh orange zest and jojoba oil. The pomade goes on smooth, all you need is a little swipe and go. I wonder if they have a bigger container, because when it comes to lotion, this is all you need. The Hand Salvelet is made with  Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, and Pacific Sea Salt. This is healing!

6. Pure Jojoba Oil


This is all you need in your cosmetic collection. Pure Jojoba Oil is great for skin, hair and face. Your all purpose product that could mix with any oil or hair product.

Here is my video tutorial for the beautiful sample pack:



These jojoba products are infused with orange zest from the orchards in Southern California. Give this special gift to her this Valentines Day gentleman.
The product featured:
Orange Sample Pack
You can purchase more of these products from: they have so many natural scented sample packs and more. Please check them out!









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