VALENTINES DAY SERIES: Ib Designs (Island Life)

Now that we’ve kicked off our Valentines Day series, it is now time to move from the beauty section and onto the fashion catwalk. The company called IB Designs is the place for all of your Valentines Days jewelry for your king or queen. The bracelet that I am about to show you is not just any bracelet, this genuine piece of jewelry comes from St Criox in the U.S. Virgin Islands. If you’ve seen my other posts, you will know that I was born and raised in the V.I. The bracelet is called the Gratitude Bracelet. I love a  piece of jewelry  that reflects a deeper meaning.  I had to show you the bracelet in real time, along with a  written review.  Here are actual photos of the most cuties bracelet I have tried on as of this year.


The material of the bracelet is very strong and goes with any outfit.The Gratitude Bracelet is the most recent addition to the IB Designs bracelet collection! Wear as a reminder of all the things you are grateful for in your life. Available in sterling silver, sterling silver and 14kt gold, or 14kt gold.

This bracelet comes engraved with GRATITUDE in the inside center of the band. There is room for customized engraving on each side, this will make your gift personal.




Also, I am taping a new series called Island Life. In this series, I will be creating Island recipes, remedies, DIY projects and much more.

Here is my video review for the Ib Designs  Gratitude Bracelet:



You can purchase more jewelry pieces from:   .

IB Designs creates earthy high end earrings, bracelet, rings and necklaces that will turn your king or queen into island royalty. Have a wonderful Valentines Day preparation time and add IB Designs to your gift list.








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