VALENTINES DAY SERIES: Lavender Bath Bomb Party

I hope you’re enjoying my Valentines Day Series so far? Well, this series will be continuing all the way into Valentines Day! The next gift for her is the sweet aromas of lavender. The Lavender Bath Bomb is a therapeutic experience fit for a queen. What can I say, a girl deserves to feel luxurious everyday. You should not have to wait till Valentines Day to have a moment just for yourself.   The Lavender Bath Bomb is light and has real lavender buds on top which made me feel really happy. What I love about bath bombs, is that you can use only a half of it and save the rest for later.  The ball is small and will make a great gift to add in a care package, giveaway, and of course this would make a perfect Valentines Day gift.

The Lavender Bath Bomb is made with ingredients that you can pronounce and this bath bomb is great for acne. You will see this in the video.

  • Lavender Bath Bomb Materials: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Apricot Kernel Oil, Shea Butter, Lavender EO, Tapioca Powder
  • 16295898_1700584326868848_272471688_n



Here is the finish product of my bath bomb in the water. The bath bomb does not lather, instead it dissolves into a clear liquid and then turns your bathroom into an apothecary.




Here is my video tutorial for this incredible Lavender Bath Bomb:




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Guys do not wait till Valentines Day to give your special someone a luxurious moment, instead  give them an appetizer. This will keep the anticipation going for the entree!!!






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