VALENTINES DAY SERIES: Jewelry Gifts for Her

Our Valentines Day series continues!!!! Along this pre-valentines day journey, you have been able to see many products. Such as skincare scrubs and bath bombs. This time around, we taking about jewelry and I’m not just talking about average jewelry pieces. If you’ve been following my blog, you will know that I have an eye for rare designs. So, the new gem that I am featuring in our series is from the exotic lands of Beersheba, Israel.

Before I get into the review for this unique wrap bracelet. I would just like to say that I love talking about products from oversees, mainly because I feel like I’m virtually traveling. Ok! Enough about my travel fantasy, now let’s talk about the crystal heart of Valentine’s Day. The Brown Leather Wrap Bracelet from Designs by Noa is the true reflection of pure love this Valentine’s Day. This bracelet is made with genuine leather and wraps around the wrist. A.K. A. this is an infinity wrap bracelet.



Do you see the Pink Crystal Heart in the center?! This is my favorite part on the whole bracelet besides the middle eastern beads that shines in the sun. Putting on the bracelet was very easy, all you have to do is wrap the leather  around and then attach the latches to connect the bracelet. Simple and easy! Also, what I love the most about this store, is the customer service from the actual designer and the level of professionalism. The face behind these amazing designs is Ms, Elise Gilinsky. Besides this staple Valentines Day bracelet, Elise has many more breath taking designs in her online store. From bright patterns, to color neutral tones that will  go with any outfit.


Here is more information about all the work that went into making my bracelet:

*2 cords of medium brown genuine leather
*1 antique silver mini ball chain
*1 hand beaded strand of Miyuki (Japanese Glass) Beads in silver
*1 pink crystal heart
*Tibetan Beads
*Silver tone lobster clasp with extension chain and bead dangle

Choose from the dropdown menu

SIZING: (see image 5)
1. Measure your wrist snugly above the bone with a tape measure
2. Use a piece of string and lay against a ruler if no tape measure is available
3. Choose your Exact wrist measurement from the dropdown menu
**Extra length is added so that when you wrap the bracelet around your wrist, it will fit

You may also like this bracelet in black: Choices matter!



Visit: and let me know how you’re sharing the love in the season of Hearts.





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