VALENTINES DAY SERIES: Jewelry Gifts for Him

The season of love is in the air and my Valentines Day series will continue until February is over! Love is not just a holiday thing, but an everyday celebration. The last product that we reviewed was a gift for her, but what about that special man in your life? Yes indeed, so let’s talk about some ideas that the man in your life might like. The product featured in our series  is from Celtic Treasures. Their jewelry collection features some of the most unique designs that reflects the true beauty of Ireland, along with symbolizing  spiritual growth.

Here is the beautiful  Star of David Genuine Sodalite gemstone stretch bracelet that I received from Celtic Treasures.


This bracelet was very breathe taking in the online store, but when I received it in the mail it was magical. The color is abstract and still masculine at the same time. Let’s be honest ladies, most of the time guys like to wear red, blue and  black. I’m not saying those colors are terrible, but sometimes you have to switch it up. This is the true reason why Celtic Treasures is the destination for meaningful jewelry for both men and women . The intricate designs are made with marble and wooden beads which is perfect for unisex wear. The Star of David bracelet  blends well  with any dress code and the biblical meaning is a great way to encourage your mate emotionally.


Since this is a men’s bracelet, my older brother is modeling the bracelet for us. He was awarded the bracelet for being our model  and conveniently was his Valentines Day gift:


The Men’s Stretch Bracelet with silver plated Magen David, 6mm and 8mm round genuine Sodalite gemstones

Sodalite: Intelligence, Truth, Self-Esteem

This stone enhances both intelligence and communication, helping us to express our thoughts and feelings clearly and confidently. It instills a drive for truth and helps us remain true to–and stand up for–ourselves. It enhances self-trust self-knowledge, self-esteem, and self-acceptance. It units logic with intuition and enhances spiritual and psychic perception. Sodalite also assists meditation.

Gift boxed with a card on the gemstone properties
Bracelet measures 8″
Custom sizes available upon request

Available in Hematite gemstones


They are many jewelry pieces such as earrings, necklaces and more bracelets for your Madam or Sir this Valentines Day!

Visit to see what lurks in the green field of the North Atlantic.





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