Valentines Day Series : Bed, Bath, and The Bumble Co

We are heading into the bee hive filled with worker bees creating organic apothecary products.  The worker bees are important to any bee colony, because they gather pollen into the pollen baskets. Just like this structured system of the BeeHive, the Bumble & Co values what they gather to create products that benefits our skin. I like to live by the philosophy, that earth contains the cure to many ailments that plagues our bodies. This is why I turned my life around into living a more vegan friendly lifestyle. The Bumble & Co shares my passion and I just knew I found a gem beneath the grass.  This Valentines Day, I want to share the love with you. In the spirit of heart day, Bumble & Co created a Floral Bath Salt made with real dead sea salt and dead flower petals.


Here is my Floral Bath Salt Experience:



Floral Bathing Salts | 100% Natural Bath Salts

Made from sea salt, Dead Sea & pink Himalayan sea salts along with floral botanicals + herbs, they are relaxing + healing. Bathing salts are wonderful for helping to detoxify the body. They soften, tone & exfoliate the skin. They will help to soothe your senses while quietly helping to rid your body of impurities … leaving soft and clear skin. As you relax, the soft scent will permeate the air, easing tension & stress.

9.5 oz | contained in reusable clear corked glass with a wooden spoon

This product was seen in Bedrooms & Baths by Romantic Homes magazine + For Women First magazine.



My experience with the Floral Bath Salt was indescribable. The actual salt helped my aching bones to relax after my brutal winter in the snow. If I can be honest, living in the snow is beautiful at times, but the repercussions is not fun at all. Other than my winter story, the bath salt had dead flowers in the mixture and each time I sprinkled the flower into the water the natural flower colors would bleed. The warm water caused this reaction and below is a photo of my actual tub.



Here is my Salt Bath Experience:

To purchase more of these products such as soaps and bath salts visit :

All of the products in their store is not just for Queens to lavish, but also for the cupid in your life.






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