Everyday is Valentines Day: A Jar Full of Cocoa & Vanilla

As our Everyday is  Valentines Day series continues all through February, the one thing we haven’t talked about is dessert. Oh silly me! This is the center of any celebration, so since I forgot about this very important detail let me make it up to you. How many of you ever tried a jar cake? Basically, a jar cake consists of layering icing and cake in a jar. This  trend  began last year and ever since then I’ve been obsessed with them. The cake company called “Tart 37” specializes in making products of convenience. They sell cake pops,truffles, and cupcakes. All you have to do is pick which product  you want and my friendly baker Tamarah Majette will make your order unique.

Here is my first cake jars from Tart 37:



  1. Vanilla Jar Cake w/ Vanilla Buttercream:


The Vanilla Jar Cake was very moist and smelled pretty go. I wish I could say that it was delicious, but the packaging was lovely despite the texture of the cake.




2. The Chocolate Cake:


This Chocolate cake is something special, my first spoon turned into a second, third, fourth and fifth helping. The cake was very moist and the coco buttercream icing made this jar cake out of this world delicious. Words cannot describe how much I loved it! As I practically almost finished the jar cake, I thought their was chocolate chips in the center of the cake. Probably not! I don’t know what kind of fairy dust she placed in this jar cake, but after tasting the chocolate I completely  forgot about the vanilla cake. Usually, chocolate cake isn’t my favorite flavor, but I guess my mind has changed. I wonder how the cake pops taste? Well, it looks like your going to have to find out for me.


Visit: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Tart37?ref=l2-shopheader-name to see all of the sweet treats that Tart 37 has to offer.





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