Native American Fashion for Spring & Summer

The season of floral and bright prints is here and what better way to kick off our clothing look book than to talk about Native American fashion. For the past year, we have  see many clothing, shoes, jewelry, and handbags that had some native american influence, so this is why I want to bring to you an authentic leather purse that is made with the finest material. P.S. Whenever your purchasing a handbag make sure you choose a purse with durable material, because usually most handbags these days will only last for a short time.


Below is a video for this beautiful Native American Purse and photos:


Native American Leather Purse:



Native American Fun Facts:

“Turquoise stands for water and for sky, for bountiful harvests, health and protection,” said Maxine McBrinn, Curator of Archaeology at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture. “Blue-green symbolizes creation and the hope for security and beauty. These ideas were so important that if the stone was not available, its color was represented through other methods.” Courtesy of .



Here is my video review and thought about this purse:


To purchase  more of these amazing Fashion accessories this fashion season visit :

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