Home Sweet Home w/ Henry Sherick Incense Stick

Life is such a beautiful journey. At one point we were all children, teens, and now adulthood.  Their is no telling which direction life can take, this is why here at True Vivant I will be sharing with you simple and affordable ways to maintain the beauty of your first home. No matter if you live in an apartment, town-home , or just buying your first home. Becoming a home owner is the dream of a young adult, so making personal touches shouldn’t be another prize tag. This why our friends at Mr Body Oil is making this happen for us, by making natural essential oils that smells like nature and doesn’t hurt your pocket.


Products Featured:
Strawberry Incense Sticks
Blue Nile Incense Sticks
Cotton Candy Incense Sticks
approximately 11 in 30 minutes
or 19 in 3hr
leaving your home or office smelling like fragrance and not just smoke.




Here is my video tutorial of these incense sticks:




To purchase more of these products visit :
https://www.etsy.com/shop/mrbodyoil and see all of the homemade creations.




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