Fabulous on a Budget: Naturally Bello Skin

During this drastic weather change, I must admit that my skin and hair has been through a lot. This is why I made it my business to find more hydrating hair and skin products that we can use daily. If you’ve been following my blog and Youtube channel you will see me in action! I love trying  new products and sharing with you only natural products, because my skin is very sensitive. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from eczema, then I have the perfect product line up for you.

Some of these products are made with Shea Butter which is great for dry skin and eczema. Ok, I don’t want to keep you waiting for long. On my search for beauty products, I found a skin care company called Naturally Bello Skin. This company specializes in making products to fulfill multi-purpose use. Let’s get started!


Products Featured:
Hair Oil
Lavender Skin and Hair Lotion
Peppermint Skin and Hair Lotion



1.Hair Oil:


Can I be honest? This hair oil is a God send! I have natural hair so the dry air is so damaging to my scalp. I usually don’t have dandruff, but my hair feels like dry hay sometimes.  This hair oil has natural products to stimulate growth and let’s talk about the menthol’s from the peppermint oil that eases my itchy scalp, instead of me taking a comb to it. I know I’m not the only one who utilizes, the magic of a comb to cure itchiness. The Naturally Bello’s hair oil is perfect for all hair types, so put all the worries about if the oil will work for your hair type away.


Naturally Bello’s hair oil is made with 100% natural ingredients. It is used to moisturize scalp and add moisture to the rest of your hair. The hair oil can be used to revive natural hair from dry and brittleness.

The ingredients are:

Each ingredient has a special role in aiding beauty and strength to your hair.



2.Lavender Skin and Hair Lotion and Peppermint Skin and Hair Lotion:


In the beginning, I talked about dry skin and eczema, so these two jars is our golden ticket to FINALLY getting some relief. The first skin and hair lotion is the Lavender scented shea butter. The Lavender shea butter is very soothing for even the driest skin and hair. Let’s just say after using this lotion, all you have to do is live. No more doing hair to regain moisture or having to constantly reapply lotion.


The Peppermint scented shea butter is the cool and relaxing side of the sea shore. This is the remedy for itchy eczema rashes. Natural Shea Butter is know for healing eczema and the natural peppermint combination will eases the temptation of itching those stubborn eczema patches. I use this hair and skin lotion every day, so I’m a strong believer is natural remedies that works and I love that Naturally Bello Skin understands the struggle. P.S. All of these products are under 10 dollars. What are you waiting for?


All 100% natural handmade product with ingredients that helps aid the skins beauty. You will find your skin feeling absolutely and amazingly soft. You only need a little dab on your skin and it will feel completely moisturized and will last all day.

The ingredients include:

Organic Coconut Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Shea Butter
100% Almond Oil
100% Jojoba Oil
100% Avocado Oil
100% Tea Tree Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar (a touch)

My fragrances include 100% Lavender Oil or 100% Peppermint Oil (I also sell without a fragrance)

Here is my tutorial video for Naturally Bello Skin products:


To purchase more of these products visit :https://www.etsy.com/shop/NaturallyBelloSkin to see more their amazing product.




One thought on “Fabulous on a Budget: Naturally Bello Skin

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