Beauty Made Simple: Beth and Olivia Skin Care

The weekend is here LADIES!!! No offense to the guys, but this is our time. Thankfully the weekend came at the perfect time for this article, because I have two products that will make your bubble bath even better . The weekend is after all made for reflection and relaxation.  I’m not going to bored you with long monologue, so let’s just jump right in! Ok, the dynamic duo for this weekend is green and pink. My favorite colors mixed together and the cure my acne.  Here is my gift to you courtesy of Beth and Olivia. These travel size mask samples is a convenient way of taking the spa on the go. Also, if you’re a bride to be or  you want to give something other than chocolate this Easter, these mask samples will be great for Stocking stuffers, bridal shower favors, and hostess gift.

Here is my review video and photos of me wearing the masks!



Before we dive into the visuals, let’s first  talk about the fine print. Dare I say it, the INGREDIENTS!


The first on our list is the Pink Clay Mask:


The pink clay mask is my personal favorite! The scent is not offensive, then again it’s organic so it doesn’t really have a scent. The mask dries fast, so let’s say your in a hurry and it’s a weekday. The application process takes only 30 seconds, because the consistency is not too thick. Note: Any mask becomes thick, but the amount of water determines the texture. This is your DIY moment, so please make sure the texture is semi-thick to really take care of business.


Remember: With a non metal spoon, add water to 1tsp. of dry mask. Mix into a paste. Apply to clean skin for 15 mins or until mask is completely dry. Rinse off with warm water.

Australian Pink Clay benefits:
-most gentle oil absorbing clay
-absorbs oil, then soothes the dryness


The is my early morning facial:

Moving my face was out of the question, but I still managed to smile. This is my pink clay face!!





Moving on! The rescue remedy for those under eye lines is the Green Clay mask.



As a college student, burning the night oil has it’s benefits, but the next day is a whole other story. Honestly, I look like the bride of Frankenstein the very next day and foundation doesn’t always cover up everything. I used ice cubes, cucumber, and peppermint tea bags to cure my under eye lines, but nothing seemed to consistently work. Thankfully,  the green clay mask from Beth and Olivia came just in time. Usually, I don’t like to wear makeup, so taking care  of  my skin is my number one priority. The green clay mask smells like green tea and doesn’t take long to dry. Having the luxury of fast beauty treatments, makes getting my day started less stressful.


French green clay benefits:
-volcanic ashes from ancient volcanoes
-helps fight acne
-pulls out toxins and oil


Here is my Green Clay face early in the morning. As you can see, there are no visible under eye lines and a smile on my face.



Here is my video review about the masks:



To purchase more of these products visit : or to see their new 24 k soaps and body butters.






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