Classic Movies of 2017: Stalker’s Prey

Last weekend, we were all glued to the television. Honestly, I made sure to bring all of movie snacks closer and tried not to blink, because the Lifetime Movie Stalker’s Prey did not disappoint. The movie was written by John Doolan, if some of you don’t know about him, after watching his movie, you better find out! I’m serious, Stalker’s Prey ignited my fire for lifetime movies again, because let’s be honest lifetime has not been slaying in the movie department. For the passed year, we have seen dozens of lifetime movies, but they lacked complexity.

Some of us still lavish in the glory days of real movies, so John Doolan brought that back. I’m not going to give the movie away for those who haven’t seen it, but you wouldn’t be bored let’s just say. The acting is impeccable and really showcased new faces and our favorite Fox Worth child Mason Dye brought all of the cra cra in everything scene, while still captivating us with his charming persona.  As for our leading lady Saxon Sharbino, you really committed to your role and kicked Mason’s butt in the final scene. Another special thank to John Doolan for not  erasing Camrus Johnson character out of the movie to fast.



Overall, this movie kept my attention and I will most definitely be watching it again. Will you?  Below is the actual Lifetime Commercial and Upcoming Showtime for those who didn’t see the movie.

Here is the “Stalker’s Prey Trailer:

Cast :

  • Cynthia Gibb as Sandy
  • Saxon Sharbino as Laura
  • Mason Dye as Bruce
  • Luke Slattery as Nick
  • Camrus Johnson as Parker
  • Arabella Oz as Liz
  • Jessica Alexandra Green as Casey Jean Hempel
  • Alexis Lariviere as Chloe
  • Gillian Rose as Bre
  • J.H. Torrance Downes as Richard Kane
  • Kali Money as Ashley

All Upcoming Times for Stalker’s Prey

  • Thu 4/13
  • 8:00pm-10:00pm
  • LMN
    • CC
  • Fri 4/14
  • 12:00am-2:00am
  • LMN
    • CC






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