Vital Nutrients for True Living: Sun Warrior Review

What does health mean to you? The definition of the word “Health” means :the state of being free from illness or injury. To be honest, making the decision of  living a healthier lifestyle is not easy as it seem. Most of us don’t have the luxury of affording a healthy lifestyle, let alone enjoying the interesting flavors of plant based living. I have asked these same question to myself too, will I be able to afford this new lifestyle, along with finding delicious alternatives. Here is a little story of how I found my answers.  One night, after a long day of trying to make all of my classes, I noticed a difference in my appetite.

In fact, I hardly want to eat anything, if you’ve been following my blog, you will see that my diet has gone from poultry to tofu. *Just a Tip: Depending on your grocery store, tofu is an inexpensive way of transitioning from eating meat. This was my first step to becoming a vegan, but I still needed help with boosting my energy and satisfying my hunger on a daily basis. Thankfully my new friends at Sun Warrior guided me to a plant based lifestyle, without the stress of experimenting by myself. Let me tell you, I have tried so many protein products and instead of satisfying my appetite, I ruined it!  Well enough of my sad story, here is my new plant based road map  thanks to Sun Warrior.



Products Featured:
Sol Good Protein Bar:Salted Caramel
Classic Chocolate Shake- Sample
Classic Vanilla Shake- Sample
Warrior Blend Mocha- Sample
Immune Shield-Sample Packet


Sol Good Protein Bar:Salted Caramel

The first soldier on the battlefield  is the Sol Good Protein Bar! Honestly, this protein bar taste like a salted caramel candy, while still offering nutritional benefits.  I’ve tried protein bars  in the passed, but the flavors were terrible, the only ingredient that stood out was the protein powder. Those past experiences left a bad taste in mouth, but the Sol Good Protein Bar changed my mind. The chewy caramel texture and grated sea salt made my snack time, dessert time instead. Besides the delicious flavor, this bar also satisfies my hunger and keeps me full for a good hour.

Here is the Nutrition Facts for the  Sol Good Protein Bar:

Nutritional Information


Classic Chocolate Shake- Sample

My nickname for the Classic Chocolate Shake is “Cold Cocoa”. In the video below, I will be talking about my personal chocolatier moment. Moving on, the chocolate shake is my favorite other than the Mocha flavor. The smooth texture almost made me forget that I was even drinking a shake, and the natural sweeteners made this experience effortless.  Here is what I say ” If the shake is hard to enjoy, find another alternative”.  This is my number 1# Recommendation in the Classic Plus Collection.

Here is the Nutrition Facts for the  Classic Chocolate Shake:

Nutritional Information.


Classic Vanilla Shake- Sample

We’re almost halfway through the Tour de Classic Plus! So far you’ve got gist of how plant based living can be flavorful, instead of the bland protein powder taste. The Classic Vanilla is the definition of  organic nutrients, because of the rich taste of fresh vanilla bean. Usually if you’ve tried vanilla shakes, there is a visible protein dust or some substance that makes the drinking process a nightmare. Honestly, this has been the story of my life with other vanilla shakes. If your a lover of vanilla, then this is your match. Be sure to watch the video below to hear my commentary about the Classic Vanilla Shake.


Here is the Nutrition Facts for the Classic Vanilla Shake:

Nutritional Information



Warrior Blend Mocha Shake- Sample

Without a doubt the best shake in this whole review. You will hear my full review in the video, because I will be in the kitchen making the actual shake. Are you a student, working mom, vegan, fitness goer, or adventurer? Sun Warrior Products are convenient to accompany you on your journey, because they understand your busy schedule.

Here is the Nutrition Facts for the Warrior Blend Mocha Shake:

Nutritional Information


Immune Shield-Sample Packet

The season for itchy eyes, dry throats, and sneezing is here,  SPRING! Sun Warrior doesn’t only create products for the purpose of fitness and hunger satisfying, but they also support the window to our bodies overall health, which is the immune system. The Immune Shield is a clear liquid that doesn’t have a flavor, and you can mix it with your  favorite juice. Natural silver is the reason why I haven’t been sick for 3 an a half years now, especially since I have a breathing difficulties due to my asthma. These natural remedies helps me to be my best and I hope you will share in these benefits too.

Here is the Nutrition Facts for the Immune Shield:

Nutritional Information

Here is my video tutorial for Sun Warrior’s Shakes and Protein Bar:

To purchase more of these products visit : to see more of their protein shake flavors, vitamins, protein bars, and much more!




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