Tofu For Breakfast Series: How To Make a Simple Yuve Shakes & Matcha Tea!

Summer is definitely making a statement when it comes to the blazing sun rays, hot breeze, and the need to bring gallons of water wherever you go is a necessity. Note: All of these examples has been tried by me. Moving on…. Yes, back to the main event and the secret to keeping me satisfied and alert during this exhausting summer conditions. The convenient shakes and tea packets from Yuve make every morning a stress-free experience, so you have more you time. Especially since I’m a full-time student and blogger, quick and easy ways that I can have a balanced diet, without spending hours in the kitchen is the game plan.


This is why I love sharing my best-kept secrets so everyone can find some peace and tranquility too.

Products Featured in my Tutorial Video:
Matcha Tea

Chocolate+Chia Seeds Packets


Here is my video tutorial featuring all of the products:

To purchase more of these products visit : to see more of their amazing vegan recipes and a vanilla protein shake.





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