How To Turn Your Personal Limitations Into A Money Making Business

Starting a business is like stepping on a tightrope, while at the same time you’re just hoping you wouldn’t collapse. This might sound nerve racking, but if you don’t know what to expect, how will create a strategy to crossing the tightrope safely? This is the goal folks! For the past four years, small businesses have kept our economy afloat. Least we forget that some of the household designer names we love so much were once small businesses too. On my blog, I usually talk about health tips, food, fashion suggestions, and other subjects; however, I like to think we all have different sides to us, so let’s combine everything that makes us retweet, snapchat, and share to develop strategies to grow our own brands.


Honestly, most of the products I feature were created from small businesses, who offer priceless keepsake items that you can wear year round. Every girl has their favorite boutique, but my favorite place to expand my jewelry collection and stay on a budget is Etsy!!!! I have seen so many skin care products and wore some of the cuties jewelry pieces that you wouldn’t find in your typical department store right from Etsy. Other than the glitz and glamour, I learned the true secret of “How To Turn Your Personal Limitations Into A Money Making Business.” The secret ingredient to a successful e-commerce business is drive and having a passion to fulfill a need.


If you look at the history of businesses, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerburg were all entrepreneurs. They started from the bottom, and I’m pretty sure they had to use every criticism, and negative fan fair to fuel their passion to making the lives of many people easier and bringing families together through the World Wide Web. You never know who will be the next major entrepreneur, so if you see potential in someone, nurture them and encourage their ideas. The gift of a friend is everlasting, so search and search until you find that diamond in the rough.


Fire Polish Sparkle Rosary: (Curlee Birdees)



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Here is my presentation for Curlee Birdees:



The Magic Behind Curlee Birdees:

“I learned to make rosaries in high school for a play we were putting on and continued to make them while I was in the military. Now I make them to help relax and deal with my PTSD and seizures related to my time in service. It’s a coping skill I’ve developed over time, and if making rosaries can help me in my daily life, I thought someone may want one to help in their own lives. Feel free to message me any questions!

As the years have gone by since opening my little shop, I’ve learned new skills and crafts I now use as coping mechanisms. As I learn and create new things, they will start showing up in the shop. The latest updates include my rosaries, vinyl designs, and crochet. I’ll also offer some craft supplies that I haven’t used as well.”-Casey Curlee


This is her story and the story of many individuals suffering from PTSD. Casey didn’t let her personal limitations get in the way of her, instead, she creates jewelry pieces to bring joy to many consumers, including myself.


To Purchase more her jewelry designs:

Spread your wings like a Butterfly, and flutter through the sky.





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