New Beginnings for True Vivant!!! + New Campaign & New Look

A lot has changed in my life after 2017 closed,  I started a magazine, changed my whole narrative in terms of writing and my whole look. Since this is the season of change, I have a little surprise for you. Click the video down below! Plus, Urbanity Today will be the new name for my magazine, youtube, social handles, and much more.


Help me get to 1k subscribers! Stay Unique. Welcome to the journey of becoming your best self! Being passionate… Passion is the vehicle in which we must use in order to achieve happiness and fulfillment; However, what is your purpose? What do you want out of life? Do you finally want to be free of all the insecurities, negative thoughts, and fear of never being accepted by the world you live in? Well, lucky for you, those thoughts stop right here! I will walk you through my journey of becoming healthy first in mind and body. Urbanity Today is a movement! As African Americans, we need to stop asking the world for acceptance, while still selling ourselves so short. I’m all for raising the mindset of Black America before we forget who we are. We are no longer slaves, but free people. Why don’t we act like it? Join me and Subscribe to my channel for new videos today!


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XoXo, Danna


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