30 Something Grandma Follows the lives of 3 women, Patricia, Prudence and Chantel, who are all about to become grandmothers in their 30’s. I first saw this show on Tuesday and how the stories of the three young girls and mothers are being played out, while the young women are carrying their first babies. At first a lot of thoughts comes to mind and I woundered can we prevent these situations from happening to our girls? Well it is easy for me to say, but being a teen myself it is hard for me to stand by and not say anything. I have witnessed first hand how the impacts of having a baby at young age can change the course of life, thankfully these young mothers have the warm support of their mothers. This show reveals the true reality of what teen moms face and how they can be relentless in still making their dreams true, by going to school in order to create a better life. I hope you can watch this show in a nonjudgmental light. Becoming a teen parent can happen to anybody, but with the proper education we can prevent this from being an epidemic.

Here is a preview of the season:




30 Something Grandma
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“30 Something Grandma” is executive produced by David Eilenberg, Simon Thomas, Brian Zagorski and Jennifer Duncan for ITV Entertainment. Mary Donahue and David Hillman executive produce for Lifetime. Three one-hour, closed-ended episodes have been ordered.In partnership with Lifetime, The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy provided consultation to the production of “30 Something Grandma” and “Knocked Up.” The organization has been involved with both shows since their inception, and stands by these docuseries as valuable programming to shed light on these issues and the staggering statistics that impact our nation. Per the organizations’ research, although the teen birth rate in the U.S. has declined dramatically – down more than 45% since 2007 and more than 60% since the early 1990s – the United States still has the highest rates of teen birth of any comparable nation. Additional sourced research reveals that nearly half of all pregnancies in the U.S are described by the women themselves as unplanned and more than half (58%) of unintended pregnancies end in a birth. Women who use contraception consistently and correctly account for only 5% of all unintended pregnancies.

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Bloggers Needed!


Greetings Seasonal & New Comer Bloggers!


My name is Danna Davis and I’m a marketing consultant from . Some of you may already be familiar with my blogging, or your just coming onto the Journey. Besides being a dedicated blogger for over 3 years, I am also a childbirth educator for young mothers in my age group, using a virtual model simply out of convenience for my moms.


Fast forwarding, over the years of being a blogger, I was able to tell many stories, some of them were about the lives of others and the rest is just writing about the things I love. I like to think that  blogs are doorways to releasing ourselves from stress, fear, and allowing us to be creative. Little do we know that the same emotions that drive us to write coincide with the motives of our reader’s too.
I love what I do and I believe that you love what you do as well! That is why you are needed, I want to promote your blog, merchandise, and much more. The following categories allowed: Health, Food, Motherhood, Lifestyle, Inspirational, DIY, Fashion, Gardening, and Decor. You can have all of this exposure for the extremely affordable price of $12 USD a Month.


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Fashion With My Bump: Milk and Baby

Who’s ready to have a baby? I know this question is a little enthusiastic, by this time your probably uncomfortable and ready to get this show on the road, right? Well, you don’t have to deliver your baby in clothing that doesn’t inspire you to give that push your all. If you’ve had your baby in the hospital you know what I’m talking about, the plain light blue hospital gown with your back exposed. Well, ladies, we have endured enough!!!

You deserve to feel confident, during delivery and your postpartum experience. I present to you, Milk and Baby, are our angels from above, because they have everything that you would need, from Nursing Bras, Kangaroo Wraps, Breast Pump Bags, Fun Daddy Scrubs, and much more!

Here is a front row seat to Milk and Baby:

Nikki Labor & Delivery Gown-Pink:

Their gowns are made with 100% cotton fabrics and satin ribbons. They have snaps down the shoulders to give you comfort and easy access while breastfeeding your baby.
The Nikki Delivery Gown is pink and has a white chevron pattern with a White Satin Ribbon:
– Made in the USA
– Machine washable cold / Tumble dry low
– 100% Cotton.
– Available in 2 different sizes generously cut for ease of movement.
– Shoulder snaps open completely for easy access for breastfeeding and skin to skin contact.
– Snaps in the back to ensure total coverage yet accessible for bathroom usage and epidural.
– Sides have belt loop for better fit and sustainability of the ribbon.

A View of the front with the ribbon accentuating the waist.

A View of the dress extended to show width.

A View of the back of the dress and along the vertical line you can see the unsnappable buttons.

 White Satin Ribbon alone to show length.

 Finally, your dress is ready for you and only you! You are unique. All Stork Delivery Co., gowns are made in the USA and inspected of the best quality. In addition to every gown you purchase, you will be contributing to their Paying it Forward Mission. With every purchase, Stork Delivery Co. is committed to donating a part of the proceeds to the millions of women around the world that are forced to deliver their babies in unsafe conditions.

Gifts are meant to give away, get a gift, give a gift to a mother just like you. We are all beautiful inside and out, no matter what life may throw your way, you can get through it and you will be holding a healthy baby in the end.

Visit: to see all of the cute designs they have for your birth partners, babies, and chic patterns for mommy. 

On behalf of all birth professionals like myself, I say to all of you CONGRATULATIONS and you can do this!!!

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The Mother Youth Academy (Coming Soon Fall 2016)


The dawn of new age is here!! We are in the technology age now, with convenience and luxury. If you’re expecting a baby or even wanting to learn basic information about Baby CRP, Teen Childbirth Class, Breastfeeding,Sign Language Childbirth Classes and much more virtual on your phone or laptop? Well, guess what your wish is my command! My new academy for young millennial moms and parents is coming soon, with affordable short courses to get in the know before your baby arrives. With live video childbirth classes instead of leaving your house and easy access to me directly, I can’t what for your to join My Mother Youth Academy! Even if you’re not a mom and you want to learn baby CPR to babysit children you can come to, plus the program will include a cooking academy to help you create easy meals.

As a bonus, I will be offering eco-friendly fashion recommendations so you can strut your bump with dignity and you never know you might receive free baby supplies, clothing , nursing pillows to get you started. I am so looking forward to beginning this new journey with all of you and if you’re interested in joining The Mother Youth Movement contact me in the contacts box to save your seat.

See you in the Fall!!



Luxury Breastfeeding: The One Z Pillow

Becoming a mother is an experience that will never fade with time. So the products that you use for your care must also stand the test of spit-ups and messes. That’s where our friends at One Z Pillow comes in, this incredible nursing pillow company rescues moms everywhere with their amazing products. The product that I’m featuring is the Waterproof by One Z Pillow as seen on abc’s Shark Tank. This pillow screams luxury, the pillow allows the mother to nurse her babies at the same time, with a built-in cushion to support her back.


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Here is the One Z Nursing Pillow:


What about the pillow?

Waterproof Birdies

This is a One Z Waterproof pillow – No cover needed but can be purchased separately !

C- Section? And Breastfeeding?

The One Z Pillow help alleviate pressure put on your stomach while nursing!

No weight in the front of your body!

The Most Versatile One Pillow on the Market! 6 uses, 1 Pillow!

Breastfeed -Bottle Feed -Tummy Time -Support -Infant Reflux -Toddler Time

It’s Eco-Friendly!!!!


Words from other moms….

We LOVE our Twin Z pillow!! I received the Twin Z pillow as a gift before our twins came. I had bought the Brest Friend twin nursing pillow, but ended up returning that one after trying both.
The Twin Z was a lot more comfortable for both me and the babies. At the beginning, I was nursing the twins and using this pillow. Now I am bottle feeding and use it when I am alone feeding them. We always try to feed them at the same time & with this pillow, that is possible! I don’t know how I would feed without it! The girls are always laying in the pillow.  Now we haveeven started using the pillow for tummy time. For anyone that is having twins, I highly recommend this purchase! It is well worth it and you won’t regret getting it! 🙂 ~Kara


 Hi! Greetings from —-, We have 2 month old identical twin girls. 🙂 We found your pillow by chance online when we were thinking ahead to how I was going to feed two babies at once when my husband goes back to work (our girls are all bottle fed). This is by far the BEST purchased we have made since the girls were born. I have the My Brest Friend twin plus pillow, which is nice but yours is SO much better! The Twin Z pillow is so sturdy – it’s almost like a couch cushion and that makes it so wonderful. Much sturdier than the Boppy pillows. Right now the Twin Z is the only place my girls will consistently sit and be happy or fall asleep (besides crib at night). We’re even considering buying a second one (nursery is on the second floor, kitchen and our room on the first, would be easier to have two than drag the one around!). Thanks for an amazing product. It’s been a sanity-saver for us and we’ve only had it 3 or 4 days. – Amanda Update…. Hi! We still LOVE our Twin-Z – both of them! I use it every day for double feedings. And thanks for putting my last review/email on the website – I hope it’s helping others!


The Twin ‘Boppy’ Wannabe
Over the last year, I’ve done my share of research on unique twin novelty items. But I always thought someone would make a killing inventing the “Twin Boppy”. Well it turns out… someone did! My good friend Nicole bought me this insanely genius invention. Truly a must-have for any mommy of tiny twins. The actual product name is Twin Z Pillow and can be found at THIS website, and you can choose from lots of different fabrics! You can do boyish, girl-ish, OR gender neutral. Someone was thinking! The girls love to sit in it. And today, for the first time we had a successful tandem feeding! Hands down my favorite twin-baby item. – Beth

They also have Twin Z Pillow for moms of twins and One Z Pillow for moms of singletons.

I hope you enjoyed the Mother Youth experience!!  You can see all of Twin Z Pillow’s products at  ! Take care of  yourself and your precious baby or babies.

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