True Vivant Presents| The Community Teen Childbirth Class

This Biblically Based program consists of 5 Modules filled with valuable information that your healthcare provider is trained to know, but now you do. The lessons within the modules are broken down to help you to better understand. The class partners natural and biblical teaching to empower you to birth your baby in God’s joy and presence!

Overall Course Aims:

To provide an environment where expectant parents can learn about topics relating to their pregnancy, with respect, right at home. This is your baby and I will help you achieve the best outcome before the little one arrives.

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Save Your Jewelry: Teething Bling®

Are you are a mother of a very active baby? Is your baby starting to teeth? Is your jewelry completely destroyed by now? Well, you have the opportunity to revive it, with just a couple of breaths and a whole new necklace equipt for the transformation of a teething baby. The Teething Bling is the Dr. Quinn for your precious pearls and the safe alternative in keeping whatever goes in your baby’s mouth harmless. Teething Bling has so many necklace styles for any occasion you might have, without making you feel like your identity is completely gone.

Here are some styles from Teething Bling®:

Teething Bling® Pink Gemstones

Teething Bling® is made from a medical-grade, chemical-free silicone and the necklaces come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety feature.

Teething Bling® Pink Gemstones Necklace:

  • Soft feel and texture

  • 100% non-toxic

  • Lightweight

  • Won’t get caught in your hair

  • Easy to clean

  • The ORIGINAL Teething Jewelry

The Pink Gemstones is perfect for a business/casual look without being so obvious of the natural purpose of the necklace. The material of the gemstones is very gentle for your growing baby and just by looking at the photo above, you can see how translucent the material is in the sun. Plus pink has always been a girl’s signature color.

Teething Bling® Turquoise Gemstones:

The Turquoise Gemstone Necklace is popping, so why not add it to your fall accessories. The unique necklace will still allow you to sell the show, without bringing harm to your baby. The gemstones look like authentic stones, and the necklace is lightweight and is ultimately the cutest necklace for you and will definitely make your baby undeniably happy.

As Seen On Steve Harvey, Recommended by Dr. Sears and Celebs Love Them!

What are you waiting for? Save your jewelry, keep your baby safe and visit: to see all of their new designs for your seasonal wear. Make sure to use the Coupon Code: (bling) at the checkout!



Mother Youth: Finding Comfortable Positions During Labor

When a woman is in labor, all of her focus is to deliver her baby. If you’re a mom can you relate to this? I have heard stories from mothers regarding their labor experience, even though each labor process is different all of the deliveries are beautiful. The best way to prepare for this big day moms it is important that you know various positions during labor. Their Childbirth Positions Chart Set of 6 are amazing for practicing positions that will be using during the delivery. As the old saying goes, you can’t prepare for something if you don’t know how to properly prepare for it. Here we go!


Childbirth Positions Charts:

Peanut Ball Chart Positions


Includes 22 pictures representing 7 different positions using the peanut ball. Also demonstrates positions with and without the epidural. Illustrates all four sizes of peanut balls. Includes cleaning, covering, and choosing the correct size for your client.

Positions for ASYMMETRICAL or OP (Occiput Posterior)



Includes 43 pictures representing 22 different asymmetric positions for OP and acyclintic babies.


Labor/Pushing Positions


Includes 44 pictures representing 19 different positions for labor and pushing.


Rebozo Chart Positions


Includes 45 pictures representing 26 different positions using the rebozo. Demonstrates positions for pregnancy, labor, pushing, and postpartum.


Birthing Ball Chart Positions


Includes 25 pictures representing 12 different positions using the birth ball. Demonstrates positions for pregnancy, labor and pushing.

Sheets For Pushing Chart


Includes 21 pictures representing 5 different positions using a sheet. Includes the newest technique using a sheet, the Lugrand Sheet Pull.


Here is a video demonstrating the Childbirth Charts:

I hope you enjoyed the article and the experience of being informed before you deliver? Thanks to we can have the best birthing outcomes.






Top of the Line Nurturing: Healthy Baby Essentials

Breastfeeding is a very special moment that is shared between a mother and her baby. The bond that’s developed spreads light into many moments to come, but for some moms, breastfeeding is not always easy. Let’s be honest a lot happens when you just had a baby and you have high expectations on yourself to breastfeed. This is a normal reaction when you’re a new mom. This is why having the right tools and support is essential for having a stress-free experience especially when you’re coming home from the hospital.

I’m a childbirth educator and I am aware the not every woman will breastfeed, reasons maybe fear, thinking they may not be able to produce enough breast milk, they don’t know which is the best breast pump to use and convenience also plays a big role as well. All of these emotions are normal too!

Being a new mom your main focus should be to remain healthy calm and relaxed. Thankfully we have friends that understand our pain, worries and our desires to giving our baby the best. The company called Healthy Baby Essentials is our counselors, adviser, and our friends and helping us find the best breast pump. Plus, the breast pumps are free, all you have to do is use your major Insurance to pay for the breast pump. The company will only need your insurance information that’s it! All you have to do is keep growing that healthy baby!

Here is a photo of my Spectra S2 breast pump from Healthy Baby Essentials:


Components Featured:

  1. Breast Pump Unit
  2. Tubing
  3. Back-flow Protector
  4. Breast Shield
  5. Valve
  6. Bottles
  7. Bottle Covers
  8. Nipples
  9. Bottle Cap
  10. Disk
  11. Adapter




Care for your Breast Pump :

The Spectra S2 is a powered, breast pump to be used by lactating women to express and collect milk from their breasts. This Spectra S2 is intended for a single user. Before using the Spectra-Series breast pump for the first time, sanitize the breast shield kit in boiling water for 5 minutes. (Parts may bend if boiled for more than 5 minutes.)



What is the Spectra S2 breast pump :

The Spectra S2 is hospital grade quality with home grade availability. The pump runs off a dual piston motor which provides strong, efficient, and comfortable suction to each breast independently. It has fully adjustable speed and suction as well as a stimulation phase to encourage milk let-down. The S2 also remembers your last settings and will return to them when you start your next pumping session. As a bonus, Spectra has included a nightlight with 2 brightness settings for less disruptive late-night pumping. Spectra is owned, operated, and staffed by IBCLCs and they offer an exceptional a 2 year warranty on the pump and 3 month warranty on all parts.


  • 2 storage bottles
  • 24 mm flanges (may be exchanged for 28mm or 32mm at no charge if returned unopened)
  • Digital Display with last setting memory
  • Stimulation Phase
  • 2 setting nightlight


The main differentiation is based on the specific plan a mom chooses that may or may not have a deductible
Healthy Baby Essentials  are contracted with all Massachusetts major health insurance providers including masshealth (Medicaid) along with United Healthcare, Tricare and Aetna as of 8/1. If they are not contracted with a particular insurance provider they will relay another dme providers name so the mom can receive a pump.

Below is a review video of me demonstrating how to properly assemble the  Spectra S2 breast pump:


The experience that I had with Healthy Baby Essentials is a lifelong journey of wonders, they will be partnering with me as I continue to teach in my classes about breastfeeding and pumping. I want to thank everybody at Healthy Baby Essentials for caring so much about moms and letting them have a stress-free experience when it comes to finding the best breast pump, including offering consulting services to moms who have questions. I am completely in love with my Spectra S2 breast pump, this state-of-the-art machine is very convenient noiseless and has LCD lights so while your babies sleeping you can be reading your favorite book without even disturbing the peaceful sleep of your little angel.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review as well as the magical wonders of this Spectra S2 breast pump! If you have any questions about this breast pump please leave them in the comments box and the question will be answered, also if you would like to be in contact with Healthy Baby Essentials just let me know and I’ll have one of the representatives speak to you.

Here is the website links: to find out more information about the Spectra breast pumps.

Also to get the VIP treatment please go on see all of the breast pumps that they advertise as well as the accessories that they provide for breastfeeding moms. This whole experience has been rewarding for me and I hope that it’s rewarding for you too!




Sounds of Life: Baby Doppler

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful moments of your life. The feeling of having another human being inside of you will truly bring a sense of joy and accomplishment. How about hearing your baby’s heart beat for the first time? The company called Baby Doppler, has truly changed my life for the better. The pocket sized fetal heart rate doppler is so easy to use, and the experience of hearing your baby’s heartbeat is heart-warming. As some of you may know, that I am a childbirth educator student, so I had a local Midwife try out the doppler on my behalf while I witnessed the miracle of life.
The sound texture of this fetal doppler was loud and clear. With a built-in backlit LCD screen it was very easy to see the fetal heart rate in beats per minute. As I watched the Midwife maneuver the probe back and forth, in a slow but steady rhythm, I quickly grasped the concept of how to use the fetal doppler and in no time was able to do it myself.

The Experience



Featured Products:

The Sonoline B Fetal Doppler

Sample Ultrasound Gel





Sonoline B Fetal Doppler: The doppler arrived with batteries, 3MHz doppler probe, manual and a small bottle of ultrasound transmission gel in the box. The sound quality is amazing and the
doppler has a headphone jack with volume control.





Sample Ultrasound Gel: If you don’t buy the optional ultrasound gel, they do include, with some models, a small sample bottle. The gel is clear and odourless. In my opinion the sample bottle is really a sample bottle. You only get a few uses out of it. I highly recommend you get the extra bottle of gel for a small fee. It’s much bigger and lasts a while.




250ml Ultrasound Gel: This is the Aquasonic 100 ultrasound transmission Gel, a highly
moisturizing and thick liquid gel, manufactured by Parker Laboratories. Its super easy to use and a must have when using any Fetal Doppler from Baby Doppler. This is also the same gel used by doctors, hospitals, and midwives. It eliminates most of the static noise when the doppler comes in contact with your skin. It is easy to wash off and clean. The quantity of the gel is amazing and should last you for some time. If you think you would be using the doppler more frequently, they also offer a three pack version for a discount.



Here is my Baby Doppler (Tutorial Video)


I hope you enjoyed my video!! You can purchase your own Doppler to listen to your new bundle
of joy at also check out their other really fun products.
Tell them Danna sent you!!
It’s Mother’s Day all over again!