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The official issue for is will be released on 01.26.18 .  Until then, it’s time to plan for our 2018 Spring Issue of True Vivant Magazine!!!! I am so excited, BUT WAIT!!! I need my squad, my contributors, my artists, and fellow bloggers.  Do you have amazing blog posts, products, videos, and art paintings for the season of roses, pollen, and flip-flops?  Then you are exactly who we need! I want to feature your creations in my next issue and there is no catch. You do not have to pay anything, but you can serve up a pie full of creativity just for #SPRING! P.S. You and your content will get more exposure.

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Rain+ Cozy= Candles!! LirioVela

As the weekend comes to a close, we find time for things that we don’t normally take part in. This is understandable, if you’re a college student like me, or  a health care professional finding your zen can be difficult. Speaking for myself, I like to use natural ways to make my environment relaxing, such as, incense sticks, oil diffusers and of course candles!  I use all types of candles, with scents to fulfill my mood, so the candle company  that I recently discovered  gives the term relaxation a new meaning. LirioVela brings a vintage and artisan style to their packaging, along making creative candle scents using natural essential oils.


Here is my review video and description for the LAVENDER & SAGE  Vegan Soy Candle from LirioVela .


LAVENDER &  SAGE  Vegan Soy Candle:


The lavender & sage candle fills a whole room within 4 seconds once it lite. I was able to smell every single ingredient in the candle. In the video below, you will see my visual reaction and the actual candle. I really appreciated the size and the convenience of moving the candle to any location in my home. The first time that I lite the candle was two weeks ago, so I waited to review the candle during this time period to truly test the shelf life. Ok, so I didn’t light the candle everyday, but I guess this helped in preserving it. Note: Candles shouldn’t be left unattended, so make sure to keep an eye on your children if their near the candle.


Here is more technical information about the candle courtesy of  LirioVela:

4 oz of 100% natural soy wax candle scented with

LAVENDER & SAGE – perfect blend of garden sage, fresh basil leaves, and soft lavender.

Monastery Garden – our new collection. Fresh herbs scents are contained in the natural wax candles. Amber jar with metallic lid carefully wrapped with our signature packaging – natural burlap fabric sealed with letter “L” wax seal.

Handmade with love in sunny California.

NO Plastic! No Paraffin! NO Phthalate! NO Lead!



Here is my video review for the Lavender & Sage Candle from  LirioVela!



To purchase more of these products visit : to see all of their amazing candle scents!




Home Sweet Home w/ Henry Sherick Incense Stick

Life is such a beautiful journey. At one point we were all children, teens, and now adulthood.  Their is no telling which direction life can take, this is why here at True Vivant I will be sharing with you simple and affordable ways to maintain the beauty of your first home. No matter if you live in an apartment, town-home , or just buying your first home. Becoming a home owner is the dream of a young adult, so making personal touches shouldn’t be another prize tag. This why our friends at Mr Body Oil is making this happen for us, by making natural essential oils that smells like nature and doesn’t hurt your pocket.


Products Featured:
Strawberry Incense Sticks
Blue Nile Incense Sticks
Cotton Candy Incense Sticks
approximately 11 in 30 minutes
or 19 in 3hr
leaving your home or office smelling like fragrance and not just smoke.




Here is my video tutorial of these incense sticks:




To purchase more of these products visit : and see all of the homemade creations.




Everyday is Valentines Day: A Jar Full of Cocoa & Vanilla

As our Everyday is  Valentines Day series continues all through February, the one thing we haven’t talked about is dessert. Oh silly me! This is the center of any celebration, so since I forgot about this very important detail let me make it up to you. How many of you ever tried a jar cake? Basically, a jar cake consists of layering icing and cake in a jar. This  trend  began last year and ever since then I’ve been obsessed with them. The cake company called “Tart 37” specializes in making products of convenience. They sell cake pops,truffles, and cupcakes. All you have to do is pick which product  you want and my friendly baker Tamarah Majette will make your order unique.

Here is my first cake jars from Tart 37:



  1. Vanilla Jar Cake w/ Vanilla Buttercream:


The Vanilla Jar Cake was very moist and smelled pretty go. I wish I could say that it was delicious, but the packaging was lovely despite the texture of the cake.




2. The Chocolate Cake:


This Chocolate cake is something special, my first spoon turned into a second, third, fourth and fifth helping. The cake was very moist and the coco buttercream icing made this jar cake out of this world delicious. Words cannot describe how much I loved it! As I practically almost finished the jar cake, I thought their was chocolate chips in the center of the cake. Probably not! I don’t know what kind of fairy dust she placed in this jar cake, but after tasting the chocolate I completely  forgot about the vanilla cake. Usually, chocolate cake isn’t my favorite flavor, but I guess my mind has changed. I wonder how the cake pops taste? Well, it looks like your going to have to find out for me.


Visit: to see all of the sweet treats that Tart 37 has to offer.