Case Study 2#- Reality Television vs Getting an Education in 2018

As a young black woman, I look in disbelief as our brothers and sisters are being betrayed on national television in a distasteful way. For some of them, reality television is their only way out, whereas influencers like Cardi B used her platform on reality television to change her life and the narrative of reality television stars. However, not everybody is a Cardi B and not everyone will achieve her success. Here is the hidden secret to succeeding as a Reality TV Star or you could just go to school and achieve your success another route. Your choice….. Hope you enjoy!!

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THE POWER OF READING & How I Learned To Love Reading!|She Reads Ep: 1

Stay Unique. In a world with so many narratives, we are sometimes faced with limited choices and lack of self-awareness in finding out what we love to do or what we should be doing. In this video, you will hear my personal testimony and how I learned to overcome my dislike for reading. Reading has not only enhanced my vocabulary but opened my mind to a world of possibilities and adventure. Along with teaching me something new about someone else. A girl with no books now has many! Join me and Subscribe to my channel for new videos today!

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Educating Our Girls: BeadForLife (Giveaway)

The world is changing all around us, we are learning so much about this planet that we call our home every day. Just like the world the educational system is shifting as well, that is why it is imperative to support the talents of our young people, especially our girls. The Bead For Life Organization has helped many young girls and women to create a better life for themselves. To mark their footsteps in the sand, Bead For Life is sharing their Girls Education Bangle. Proceeds from the purchase of this product directly support The Girl Education Program. The Girl Education Program aims to educate and empower the next generation of Ugandan entrepreneurs.


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This Girls Educational Bracelet has truly shown me how valuable have an  education is vital, along with having a chance to be more than your environment.



As a special gift of Spark, Bead for Life reminds us to think about the first time someone recognized in you a spark. The Spark Bracelet Set encourages us to continuously spread love and positivity to the ones we love.


Celebrate the spark while sparking opportunities for women a world away when you wear this bracelet. One bracelet for you and the other for someone else!


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The Story Of Bravery & Courage: He Named Me Malala ( Anticipation Movie Review)

After the Taliban tries to kill her for speaking out on behalf of girls’ education, Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai emerges as a leading advocate for children’s rights and the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Wow! Her story is so inspiring and encouraging, but most of all Malala’s mission to fight for educational rights for girls in her native country, is a sign of God’s everlasting love and miracle. So many of us complain about our lives and going to school. Therefore, so many children and women never get to learn how to count or learn more about so many things. We are here in America, free to do whatever we please, but show no regard for those who are less fortunate.

The life of Malala is a beautiful story despite her wounds and travails. Nevertheless, that’s what completes her story and her message of true sacrifice. I stand her today saying, that I’m Malala, I stand for courage, truth and God’s word.

Who do you want to be?

Here is the Trailer to this amazing story: